If you take Freedom Fighters level, there is a desintegrator (hay baler) where you can put someone and bale him so the character totally disappears from the level.
Are there other “desintegrators” like this throughout the levels and where?

There’s one in Spaienza near Caruso’s mother’s grave and one in Miami in the secluded area near the Dolphin Fountain. I’m sure there are more but they’re not very good if you’re going for the SA rating.

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Off the top of my head, there are garden shredders in Sapienza near Caruso’s grave in WOT and in the church cemetery in Landslide. In Miami there is one in a gated area near Ted Mendez. There also are bins of hydrofluoric acid (?) in the lab in Sapienza as well which act similarly. The cocaine press in Colombia and the printing press in Marrakesh are more obvious ones but are similar.


The printing press can only be used once in the kill on Zaydan


In Miami is one near the pier within a garden bit, where Mendez is hanging out, in Sapienza also one in the graveyard (where Craig Black and Akram meet)…that’s the only ones that come to my mind, but I bet there are more

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There is one in the operating theater in Hokkaido, and Rico Delgado also has one in his bedroom (Just in case). Someone also told me you can find one in the Mumbai Chawls, but I feel like they might be lying

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the furnaces in Helen’s Basement and Hokkaido morgue. also the garbage truck in WC


Ok, let’s take a locations tour where you can get rid of multiple bodies:

Paris: Seine river
Sapienza: sewer overflow behind the inflatable crocodile, acid containers in the underground lab, disintegrator near Isabella Caruso grave, ocean on piers and on mansion area rocks
Marrakesh: couple of draw-wells on the location, ditches in front of the embassy
Bangkok: ocean
Colorado: disintegrator not far from quad bike exit
Hokkaido: precipice, basin on helipad, crematorium ovens
Hawkes Bay: none
Maimi: ocean, disintegrator behind the dolphins fountain, hatchway behind the hotel, cellar behind the hotel
Santa Fortuna: river, hippo enclosure, shafts in cartel cave
Mumbai: cement reservoirs on tower construction site, ocean
Whittleton Creek: hatchways on all over the location, draw-well in the park, river, garbage truck, crematorium oven in Helen’s basement
Isle of Sgail: draw-well in the courtyard, ocean

Of course all this ‘dumpsters’ are lethal for alive NPCs, but you can dump in there everybody without any limit


A little correction: Shredders and ovens are only lethal when you turn them on. Putting an unconscious NPC inside doesn’t kill him.

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Sure, but without getting them work they are useless.
So I meant that goes without saying

Two missed locations from your list are:

Sapienza Acid containers in the lab
Isle of Sgail The well in the courtyard with the two raiders

I actually missed one as well: Sapienza again: Sewer overflow behind the inflatable crocodile near the red plumber.

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Added. Thanks

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Minor error but the word you were looking for is enclosure. An aviary would be if Mijo is a bird. It goes without saying that hippos are not birds. But otherwise solid list.

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Never known about it and never tried, but it actually works, thanks

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I had no fucking idea. Should probably add this to the ‘Things You Just Found Out’ thread :sweat_smile:

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There’s also one in the graveyard in the area where the meetings takes place in The Author and Landslide.

Okay, wow, can you guys slow down? You’re throwing a lot at me right now and I’m trying to handle it but I’m struggling.


If we’re counting Patient Zero, aren’t there those vats of acid near where Owen Cage is being originally processed?

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Right, there are also some in Sapienza in the Lab area

In Landslide Graveyard