Desperados III now in closed beta for 2019 release

Mimimi productions created a redux of real-time tactics, like Commandos 2 - Men of Courage (2001) in their game, Shadow Tactics - Blades of the Shogun (97% favorability rating / 85% Metacritic).

Now their next installment Desperados III is now in closed beta for release this year (in 2019).

It looks good. If you like the real time stealth of Hitman, then this is birds-eye-view Hitman. I think that they even include more social stealth elements in this 2nd installment of their real-time tactics game.

Because of its birds-eye-view and not first person, you can control multiple characters at once, and can spot most of the enemies movements at once too. In most of the missions you have to execute actions with multiple characters, each with differing abilities. Enemies have view cones and you have to time your actions carefully. There was a really well done overarching story to the 13 missions. The missions are also replayable with differing objectives to complete, including speedrunning objectives.

I want the Mimimi Productions to sell well with this game, because no other game company so far generates video games like this one (I hear Kalypso has bought the rights to the Commandos series).

Anyone else excited for this one?


Much love for the original Desperados.
Much love for what Mimimi did with Shadow Tactics.
Much excitement for the two coming together.

Don’t care much for the speedrun elements though. They don’t feel in the spirit of the game and should have been left out. Speedrunners can speedrun also without those challenges. Imagine speedrun related challenges in Hitman. The horror.

Don’t know Kalypso. What games did they release?

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Shadow Tactics was lovely. This’ll be good as well.

Sneaky fox

I didn’t love the speedrunning aspect of Shadow Tactics either, but it was easy enough to ignore it.

Really looking forward to D3.

Kalypso is known for Tropico, the Dungeons franchise, and publishes the Sudden Strike franchise.

No idea if Kalypso will do Commandos justice. I think the real-time tactics genre is safer in the hands of Mimimi Productions.

Desperados was a beloved series too, and there is no question that Mimimi Productions will improve upon what they did in Shadow Tactics.

Agreed that the speed running was unfair the player in Shadow Tactics.

The weakest element in Shadow Tactics was the fixed camera angles where you could easily lose your perspective or where particular targets or objects were located. This meant that you had to work uphill against the UI, to speedrun.

Once you became familiar with the missions and the camera angles, it was not too hard to meet the speed running badge time. I thought the time threshold for getting the speed running badge was not too punishing except in 1 out of 13 of the missions.

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Rock Paper Shotgun

Bear Trap Murders, Ninja Cowboys And 6 More Desperados 3 Features You’ll Love

Or Hitman with better hats.

Really good overview of what is coming.

It is Shadow Tactics with homage to characters in Desperados.

Lot of Hitman elements:

NPC conversations revealing kill opportunities.

Safe, public spaces and more threatening zones where there are detection cones.

Hiding in plain site - in cover such as bushes etc.

Variable mission types which includes missions without requirement of killing target.

Multiple entry points and approaches for target kills.

And some real polish and improvements on the original Shadow Tactics :

Shadow mode now appears to be more flexible allowing you line up more than one executable move at one time per character.

Easy vs normal vs expert mode includes NPC view cones with different depths and length of time of suspicion meter.

Camera with 360 degree control instead of fixed angles. More revealing of content inside of buildings.

Super-intuitive UI.

Cool abilities including a double barreled gun that kills two targets. Each gun comes with a NPC sound awareness bubble.

Cooper’s knife brings a super cool knife animation.

Indian who has a bear trap that causes an incredibly gruesome death animation.

The female character can generate a “love trance” pulling the target in front of a moving train in the trailer.

Some huge map locations including “a city”, a prison a train station, etc.

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i always dreamed of a Hitman Spin Off that is like Commandos or Desperados, that would be amazing…

I’m going to buy Desperados 3 for sure, i loved 1 and 2.

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… Another Hitman-ish mechanic in Desperados 3.

Coins as a distraction.

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