Destinations and Mastery unlocks list


Hey there my fellow assassins! I was wondering If there is any thread in the forum that contains the Mastery levels list for each destination and its respectives unlocks, cause I can’t find it and I’ve been browsing the HITMAN (2016) sections and threads more that you could imagine with awful results xD…

Many thanks! :wink:


Pretty sure the wiki contains all that information. Best option is probably the game itself though. You can see all the mastery unlocks for each level in the menus.


Go to the destination and then to the mastery section.


Breaching charges at lvl 10 Sapienza
Red ducker at lvl 15 Marrakesh
Crystall ball at lvl 10 Marrakesh pro
Napoleon at lvl 10 Paris pro

All you need to know


Quite the rekky man !!


since you’re still new you need to know that @Fortheseven loves being annoying so don’t get annoyed


How is telling him where and how to unlock the best gear in any way annoying?


nononononono, I was just giving him the briefing about you


Hey, you are right! Sorry for paying more atention to the forum than the game main menu :joy::open_hands:. I guess I’ll have to pick some paper and pen and start ticking off challenges… Curiously, almost the best gear is unlocked at the 20 Mastery level le each location (best upgraded weapons and other objects of the game)…

PS: I’ll take it in mind, @MrBurn4488 :wink:


Try this link:

It gives you everything you need to know about each mission including, objectives, intelligence, opportunities, disguises, weapons, assassinations with what they are, discoveries and what they are,
and feats, and what you asked for the Mastery levels and what each level unlocks.


You really nailed, man! @Bob_Burns This is really what I was looking for. So much appreciated! :wink:


No problem. Glad to help.


Hi guys! I was wondering If there is any way to perform a silent assassin, suit only playthrough for ‘the Extractor’ (The Sarajevo Six pack) in Marrakesh while achieving the ‘Gone with a bang’ challenge :wink: