Detroit: Become Human

I’ve been following this game since it was announced. Anyone else interested? I really enjoyed heavy rain but this looks 10 times better. I’m really happy to see games becoming truly next gen. The graphics and the multi layered variable outcomes of this game put this on my must have list. I really hope they release this game next year. Anyone know who the voice is for the android negotiator? He sounds familiar. This game oozes blade runner.
I know Quantic Dream wont mess this up. Nice to see an original game. I reckon 2017 is going to be a great year for PS4 and videogames in general.


David Cage is an absolute joke and all his games are trash. This trailer looks fine, but I will not be giving the game any sort of chance until it’s out.

2017 is going to be a great year for games. PS4 in particular too, even just the first few months are pretty stacked with PS4 and multiplat releases. I just doubt this game will have anything to do with making the year any better.

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I take it you didn’t enjoy Fahrenheit, Beyond 2 Souls or Heavy Rain? I really enjoyed Heavy Rain havent played the others. I find the characters and the choices really engaging. I guess this style of game isn’t for everyone. :slight_smile:

I only played Fahrenheit. First half of it was a great thrill ride but after that it just became a joke with magic stuff and all out nonsense.

Hopefully this game will exceed expectations and be better than all pervious titles combined. It has been in development for a while now. roll on 2017!

So is the game set around one set piece?

Saving the girl?

Watch the best ending come about from the player finding some obscure object that is right next to the entrance door 99% of people will walk past and never go back to.

No I believe this is just a part of a much larger game. This guy is the second character you play as. I think I heard somewhere there are four playable characters and their stories intertwine.

okay, that sounds better.

I am highly interested in games like this-so I will keep my eye on it.

Just can’t watch let’s plays like I usually do cause that’s defeats the point of playing.

My first thought as well, but from the wiki article is seems there will be multiple crime scenes and the game will progress despite failing the previous mission. Too bad it’s PS4 only…

Played them all, and re bought them again.

You can’t treat Cage’s game like any other, it’s more like a film. They are called interactive games for a reason. The stories are… weird to say the least but truly a different experience.

Gotta get them sex scenes :joy:

For the record, from what I hear, they have actual writers to reign in Detroit, which is the only reason I think the game is even worth giving the chance. I’ll check it out either way, since at worst I’ll at least be able to have some good laughs or be baffled.

Please don’t put words in my mouth.

I’m completely open to different game genres and I would totally be up for a well made game in this style. Cage games aren’t. Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy has a fantastic start and is fine for the first say, 2/5~1/2 but then plummets straight down into utter trash.

Heavy Rain is his best presented one, doesn’t really fall apart that much unless you stop and think about anything or replay it with fresh memory. Cage himself said something along the lines of “My games are only meant to be played once” and it shows, that game banks on you forgetting stuff from earlier on and unfortunately for my experience, I did not.

He also has this weird series of tropes he puts in every game that don’t help his case as a writer.

I will admit I have not made it through Omikron, but that game has a lot of issues in gameplay terms, but I have made it through all the Cage games people consider relevant.

Explain then. Why? How? Where? Is it the paranormal take on it? The acting?

It’s no different than a series or film. The bad guy is the bad guy, you’re going to know who did it after the first time you experience that media.

If I wasn’t fine with paranormal then I wouldn’t have liked the opening. It’s that the writing is absolute garbage and we get tons of stupid shit with no build up like the internet becoming a sentient being that just shows up at the end. It takes a serious murder mystery with paranormal elements and then just shits itself until you’re having wire-fu fights with an ancient Mayan dude and the internet is trying to kill you but homeless people are a secret society who save you (An entire plot point ripped from a comic book) and the transition is not done well.

My problem is when a game is entirely focused on the story and the writing is bad you have a bad game. One of my all time favorite games is pretty much a vehicle for the writing, I don’t think there is anything wrong with having games do different things, but if it doesn’t do what it wants to do well and is in fact awful at it, it’s trash.

So? I didn’t say “it’s bad because you know the twist.” I said it’s bad because it makes it fall apart. Tons of stuff that happens in Heavy Rain early on contradicts things that happen later. My favorite example is all the build up to make you think Ethan is the killer that is literally never explained in game where he has random black outs in sync with Origami Killer kidnappings and wakes up with origami figures.

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There’s no absolute way to know it was paranormal from the opening scene. The raven and flashbacks doesn’t exactly scream paranormal, any more then a crazy killer at the time. I never understood the whole point of the “matrix” esque fights other than the oura that your mum was in made you “super”.

Every “serious” story game other than Heavy Rain have dabbled in paranormal for some odd reason. Probably in the fear of having the actual story bland.

Once you know everything, of course you’re not going to have the same response. Don’t worry I have the same response during my first time running through, I remember everything I see or do during the playthrough and this guesses and solves “twists” way before they occur.

And I believe they were meant to be visions as the Origami Killer has been around for a while before the kidnapping of Jason. It purposely (admittedly to the point you know it’s not ) tries to make the player believe as you said “think Ethan is the killer”.

That has nothing to do with what I’m saying though, I’m saying once you know the truth, you can then see the things that don’t add up to the truth that shouldn’t be there because they no longer make sense. I’m able to predict twists all the time too, doesn’t ruin my enjoyment. Hell, some things get better when you know the twist, you ever see Psycho (1960)? That movie is far creepier on a second viewing.

Yeah, I said that. I also said they were in sync with Origami Killer kidnappings, because they are, we know this from information outside the game.

Yes, but that they occur and the way they occur does not make sense in the story context, which is part of my larger point. There are a lot of things intended to make you think something one way or the other, which is fine if they have an in universe explanation or logic, but in Cage games they often don’t, which means not only are they red herrings, they’re contradictions, which is bad writing.

First half of Fahrenheit was great and Heavy Rain was one of my best gaming experiences on PS3.

Beyond though was pure trash. I’m really sceptic for this, so I’ll wait for the reviews.

Ahh I was hoping this one would be good. I played the demo and enjoyed it. I’ll probably get it as well as its in the bundle with Heavy Rain.

I didn’t intend too. :slight_smile:

I can see how people don’t like the games but I ejoyed heavy rain and can’t wait to play it again. I can see why you don’t like it though.

Just for the record, especially to @GTAJJ I’m not trying to come off like a dick or anything. I just have a very straightforward way of speaking and I don’t like these games. I’m not attacking anyone for having different opinions, I’m trying to discuss these.

I just also have strong opinions on Cage’s games, especially because it’s a formula I really believe in, so it’s frustrating whenever one of his games comes out and it fails.

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I didn’t take you for one at all either :slight_smile: It’s absolutely fine if you don’t like them of coourse.

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