Dev Chand's Quick Guide to Getting Fired in Codename 47

I decided to mess around with the penalty system to answer two nagging questions:

  1. How far can you take the penalty?

  2. Can you massacre freely at Cheng Chau if you’re enough of a cheapstake?

And here are the results:

Give or take 1 or 2 civilians. Pretty much an instant fail if you played legitimately. Good thing I didn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

2: Sadly, no.

That’s right, 4 dead civilians and 7 dead policemen get you fired. And this is with me being as much of a cheap killer as possible!

So there’s that folks. The ICA certainly didn’t fuck around when it came to civilians and police kills back in the day. How they ever got so soft later is a mystery, the height being them giving you 5 guns free of charge in Blood Money!


I never knew that you could get fired from the game, it’s a nice and funny touch. I would love to see this re-implemented in newer titles.

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On the hand it would make sense that the ICA doesn’t want to have an employee who massacres a whole fashion show instead of just killing the target with a bit of “collateral damage”. On the other hand some people enjoy the challenge of gunning in with blazing guns and killing everyone on the map. So I don’t think you should fail the mission as long as you completed your objectives no matter how many corpses you’re leaving behind.

Yeah that is true, that would also open a new can of worms, however, it just saying you been fired at the score screen because of collateral damage would be a funny Easter egg.