Devs? Is That You?

I have spent countless time on forums for other unrelated (major title) games with the only purpose being to help the game reach its maximum potential by providing detailed/specific feedback, the majority of my posts generally being lengthy bug reports. This is my purpose for participating in these forums, to help make the game the best it can/should be.
Unfortunately I have NEVER been contacted by devs of the various companies (EA, Blizzard Ent, Ubisoft (and lesser known ones). The last forums I participated in was for PUBG and Battlefield 1, unaware the whole time they were unofficial forums created by fans and looked legit enough until looking into them more.

Point being, I love Hitman. Always have. I have the passion to do the work of a tester but I’m wondering if the game’s creators have any affiliation with this app and/or its consumer provided feedback.
In short, do Hitman devs/pubs participate in any of these forum threads? Or should I just post for other players instead of trying to help the game.

The IOI people do look and comment far more than anything I’ve noted anywhere else. I had a few attempts at getting through to Ubisoft (ha ha) and Square Enix (also ha ha) regarding fundamental problems in their games but they just don’t really care, in the case of “Rise of the Tomb Raider” there was a moderate (not game breaking but severe) bug that they took way over a year, maybe even 2 years, to fix. IOI are much, much better.

The other side of the matter is to post for other users, yes. Or contribute to the sensible thread (Yes or No).


IO are pretty active here and they’ve advertised HitmanForum as one of the main places for the community, alongside the subreddit and Discord. But HitmamForum has always been the go to place for them.

They also have a group that you can check so you can get an idea of how active they are. You can find it in the Groups tab.