Dial # for Agent

47 is 47.

We now take that for granted. It’s got a nice ring to it, it’s got that funky chromosome story linked to it, we’ve lived with it for years, it’s hard to imagine our bald killer with any other numerical name, let alone a better one.

But still, we can try!

What number would you give your favorite assassin? Any particular reason?

I’m torn between 34 (r34per) and 11 (nice sound, and it retains something solitary).

Agent 69 because I have the mental age of a 10-year-old


Dial 9-9-9-6-7-45-45 for agents from Cluckin’ Bell. :joy:

Now with extra dip and a large soda

Agent 42 (even if there was already an agent 42),
because what he would do wouldn’t make any sense and he’d be the right anwser for a question that nobody knows. :joy:

Either Agent 4 or Agent 19 (two numbers that correspond with death in several works of fiction), or Agent 216 (6 to the third power, or the number of the Devil/Antichrist/Beast)

Aren’t the agents listed by their last name though? 47’s just 47 because that’s literally his name.

The idea is: what if it wasn’t? What if every ICA agent was assigned a number instead of a Codename or using their last name.