Diana has stopped introducing the targets. Why is this happening?


I have been playing this game for over 2 months and I had no problems whatsoever regarding this until today, I suddenly noticed that Diana no longer introduces the targets for both Season 1 and 2 maps. I have restarted both the game and my PS4 several times but with no luck whatsoever.

It may not be a huge deal to most but it’s very annoying how small features and details like these are randomly breaking. What’s causing this? Anyone else encountered the same problem?


I thought everyone and their grandmother wanted this? Many people would consider this a blessing.

(Am I witty and clever now mum?)


Based off of the comments in another thread I think a lot of players wish this would happen more often in their games lol


This is the best thing to happen since sliced bread.

assuming sliced bread is already a feature in Hitman


It could be that she says it the first time you do a mission. What about the chawls? Does she still mention the Kashmirian when you enter the area?


Here’s the thing. She speaks all the other times except for the introduction of targets. So its not exactly an improvement for those who dislike her dialogue so much.

And I like her smooth, velvety voice anyways. If this were to be a feature then it should optional instead of mandatorily disabling it for every player.


Well as always I have never cared and I don’t mind the intros.

But there have been instances where she has not introduced targets on certain maps like Paris.


Aha, this is unusually not to hear Diana at the beginning of the mission.
I thought I broke something.
She stopped talking for me suddenly when I disabled all in-game interface.
But then I put it back on, but Diana was silent.
For a moment I thought it was a coincidence when IOI decided to mute her and I decided to disable interface


Yeah every other piece of dialogue from her part is present. If this was an intended choice from the part of IOI then it really makes no sense to mute introductions but leave every other line of dialogue remain unchecked. It’s not an improvement for anyone.


Maybe this is another bug (sound bug) which will be fixed with upcoming patch :slight_smile:


That is true, we’ll see what they say about it on the update/patch. If they mention it


Ugh she has probably visited this forum and after reading all the comments about how much people despise her voice, I think she’s hurt and now she doesn’t want to speak anymore! :sob::sob:


You never know what you got until its gone :slightly_frowning_face:


Her voice is pleasant (for me at least), but she really talks too much.
Especially when you play this game every day


THAT… is a bug.


She’s tired, man. Give her a break.


I tune it out either way, so that would be great to happen.


Diana is a proper waifu why would anyone not listen to her 24/7?


Heck yes. Epic victory royale! :fire: :muscle:

There should be Diana dialoge options if I’m going full nitpick

Full: Diana dialoge at all the moment we know thus far
Minimal: Diana only introducing targets
Off: Diana completely silent

I’m happy with this change however :slight_smile:


Probably broke something as I have noticed the music has gone back to the sudden stopping and starting based on location proximity as it was before the first major patch.

Don’t get too excited.