Diana talks way too much

I’ve seen some gameplay videos, and while the game itself seems pretty nice, I can’t help but feel a bit irritated by Diana’s constant handholding. For example, when we find out that a mechanic is quitting, she informs us that a pit crew member has quit in protest. That’s great - always nice to have Diana replace the traditional “Information” notification in the game. But that should be it, instead of her continuing, “I suggest you offer your services. A spot on the pit crew could give you hands-on access to Sierra Knox’s car.”. It’s nitpicking, of course, but he’s a professional assassin for f___'s sake. Just give us potentially useful info and keep suggestions/handholding to yourself.

Another example: in Sniper Assassin, she keeps on yammering the same dialog OVER and OVER. “Out of sight, out of mind”. Hearing that for the 5th time in the same gameplay session makes me want to shoot a fire extinguisher and blow all the guests to smithereens!


I’m pretty sure the dialogue was just for the demo. They wanted the players to obviously take his disguise and it’s a straightforward command for newer players.


“We need more Diana!”
1 season later
“Diana talks too much!”
Fans, lol. I hope IO continue their vision of game.


It was like that in the Alpha build of the game as well. Diana would mention stuff about where the kitchen staff were and weren’t allowed to go in Showstopper.

I’m guessing they put the chatty Diana in the E3 build so that players were instructed even moreso than normal where to go and what to do. It seems as if it still didn’t help much, since half of the gameplay videos from E3 make it look like the players had just been spun around, blindfolded, then handed a controller (cough cough IGN).


I’m good with Diana atm. I’d even like more cutscenes with her :+1:

The only thing that sort of bothers me is…direct speaking.

Like if she was next to us. Actually i’d appreciate some “radio/phone” filter like on previous games.

And maybe an option for those who’s getting tired of Diana to shut her up? :smile:

Personally i’ll never be tired of her :heart:


There’s a difference between wanting to see Diana appear more as a character relevant to the story and making her presence irritating – which the OP is referring to.


You misunderstand me. Diana should definitely appear more in cutscenes and all. That would be awesome. I’m referring to her presence in-game, where I think her constant handholding/suggestions are irritating. She’s supposed to be a source of info.

An ideal example of her in-game involvement/dialog? St. Petersburg Stakeout from H2:SA. Now imagine if she went like, “I suggest you go to that building with several windows over there. Should provide a good vantage point to snipe your target.” That’s the difference between giving info and giving suggestions that the players should figure out for themselves.


Why can’t Diana be a contract… Oh wait…


Well she’s a woman. What do you expect? But joking aside, I remember I was incredibly surprised in Hitman 2 Silent Assassin when I first heard her voice during a mission.
I believe the voice is a thing to make the game more accessible for new players.

I don’t mind at all Diana’s voice during the mission. But I hate it when they added a young Diana voice in Season one and in the same mission during some point you have a normal voice and then again you do something and have the teeny voice again. It’s like IOI didn’t even tried. And I’m wondering how did they decided to add such a stupid voice, why did they change it? It was perfect. What’s the reason behind it?


Which makes no sense because in the cutscenes she has her normal voice. God damn it, IOI! :roll_eyes:


Can’t beat those Silent Assassin, Contracts and Blood Money days when you had the mystery of not knowing what she looked like.

Always loved that feeling.


I don’t want to hear her voice anymore

I just watched the first Hitman movie last night, and I think that in any case we should be thankfull for not having THAT Diana voice in the games :persevere:

Oh, you’re gonna like the Diana in the second movie …


Lmao but you’re right :rofl:

I can’t say I love Diana’s too much talking but I don’t care.

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Why would you ever tire of her sexy voice?

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I hate her over-the-top accent almost as much as I hate the “how is your father” woman from Marrakech. I wish there was an option to turn her off. It’s just way too fake, even the Hokkaido AI sounds more human.
I preferred her as green letters on a screen. Or as the voice of Hitman 2 SA, if you really want a voice.


One day… i will think of this as just another job. After all… this is what i do.


does Jane Perry not actually sound like that? i can’t check rn

The only thing I think should be changed is when she re-introduces the targets, after the briefing that becomes redundant. Either remove it or have Diana make some sort of comment on the target as a hint to take them out. Otherwise it is fine, outside of the briefing she only says like five lines tops?