Diana talks way too much


That’s so true.

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For how long will the Undying remain? I hope until Christmas or else I’ll miss the explosive pen :c


13 days starting from now.


Wow. I’ve been trying to put my finger on it for so long and you just did. Thank you.


IMO Diana should have a text-only option, no speech.
I find her quite distracting when I’m trying to concentrate on my surroundings.


Oh, for the love of Talos, make her STOP! After a long day and heavy dinner I just wanted to sit and observe the great american suburbs (mostly because it reminds me of A New Life). I began to observe the pest controller (probably) in a conversation with a scientist (if I remember correctly), and soon enough, someone started thinking out loud, ending her monologue with “What could that be?”

So I switched to Silent Assassin difficulty for the first time, hoping she will be gone.


So i turned the dialogues off. Only subtitles for me. But sure enough, her subtitles prevailed, so I guess I will never be able to hear the whole conversation in my life.

I will have to force myself to play this game until there is an option to turn her off. But even with the dialogues off, I can’t get into the Hitman experience with this game for some reason. The immersion’s just not there. Back in the day I was playing Hitman because it pulled me into another world. Now I have to get in mood in order to play it. Mostly.


The main thing which is very bad is Diana see, and comment everything. For example you take that Ceremony robe in Another Life, and she see a little note on that robe and make a resaearch in 0,00001 second - and know every thing!

Diana used to be a iconic voice of this unverse who boost immersion. But since Hitman 2016 - IOI makes her to ruin whole immersion. Im previous games i loved to hear her. Now i wish to be option to shout that damn woman!

HES ANOYING! I don’t want to hear her everytime when im doing something. “OMG 47, HES HAVE A GUN! DO SOMETHING!” / “THIS IS IS A TARGET, KILL HIM - NOW!” etc

Solution: Everytime when something interesting will be present in game, there should be a special dedicated button “Contact with ICA”. When used - 47 ask Diana to check information about this obiect / situation / person. And then afer 10-15 seconds player will hear inforamtion from Diana. That would be a great solution for this problem. That could be even be a some kind of “help” within game. But depends of platers choice - activated or not.


diana always talks to the player like they don’t know how to play the game, and it’s very patronizing. it’s so stupid, considering that 47 is a top assassin and doesn’t need to be told how to do his job.

“47, i suggest you use the elevator shaft to access the kronstadt building and kill sean bea–”

just shut up already!


Mine wore a green hipster top and blue jeans :sweat_smile:
At least he did on first playthrough…


That one crossed the line for me. Just braindead hand-holding…no pretence of immersion even…Just…like how the hell would she even know what else is in the photo. How does she know someone else is with him I the photo.
It’s contrived drivel.
Really want to turn her off.


Plot Twist: Diana is an obnoxious twitch streamer playing Hitman this whole time. If she was I would have unfollowed and blocked the cow by now.




For some reason in season 1 I can handle Diana’s voice but in season 2 it’s starting to irritate me. Maybe it’s because she talks much more, especially in Mumbai and Whittleton Creek.


This reminds me of Shadow of the Tomb Raider when hints given by Lara reduce as the difficulty goes up. Maybe they can implement something similar, or add an option to adjust Diana’s hint frequency.


A purist difficulty would be a wise move when the difficulty turns everything off, but it would have to offer some special (and useful) unlocks for it (modern games forget to reward you for doing difficult things, because they want everyone to win. Yaaaaay!).

However… I need to get to know the level through and through if I want to advance to the purist mode, therefore I need to discover all the opportunities and intel, and I would love to do that without her ubiquitous drivel.


That’s true. It could have been one of Janus’ selfies.


To be fair, Diana’s increased role in the story and game started in Blood Money.


Leaked gameplay script for Hitman 3 mission ‘Yet Another New Life’:

DIANA: You propelled your legs forward in a waking motion?! Most impressive, 47!

THAT is a local gardener. Skilled in both lawnmowing and garden waste clearance. Quite the resume.

Climbing a drainpipe and then breaking in via a window?! Novel approach, 47!

THAT is a local security guard. An expert at shooting intruders just like you. Quite the-

47: Ssh, Diana. He’ll hear you!

DIANA: Crouching behind a chair?! Elegant solution, 47!

GUARD: So I hear Target McBadguy likes to hang out at-


47: Diana, shut up, I’ve missed what the guy said now.

DIANA: THAT is a lightswitch. It can be turned on or off. Quite the resume.



Really it started in Silent Assassin where she got a voice in briefings and in mission.


First the @RieperTobias’s post in Memes Thread and now this.:joy: Most impressive, forum.