Diana talks way too much



“This is Clera 47, I’ve shut Diana up now.”


Just mentioning the name Clera has got to make the Hitman veterans feel old right?


True, but what I’m referring to is Diana’s influence in the actual story. In H2:SA, she’s primarily a voice, same with Contracts, but it’s in BM where she actively is involved in the actual plot of the story - ultimately culminating in the twist at the end of BM.


I like Diana but holy crap, I was discovering new story locations in Mumbai today and I got annoyed by how much she talked.

I don’t really think that Diana being turned off should only be reliant on the difficulty mode. Obviously you can have difficulty modes with presets so that x difficulty turns her off entirely, y difficulty shuts her up most of the time, etc. but there should also be options that you can change separate to that. Maybe a toggle where if you’re repeating a story mission she doesn’t talk at all, and one where you can switch her modes between very talkative, slightly talkative, and not talking at all.


47: You’re dead.

Kills Clera

What? Everyone knows 47 loves Diana as friend and handler.


Yeah but we didn’t know 47 was that bad a grammarian.:joy:


He doesn’t get to practise much since he is a silent guy.


You think Ort-Meyer would have taught him this stuff though? So the “good” doctor skimped on finger-print removal, basic education and bathroom privileges.:joy:


What if it’s vice versa? What if she talks more in higher difficulties because it’s so difficult listening to her?

Anybody tried the first one? Is she muted there?


I think she is literally just a name in Codename 47, I think her name appears on the end of the briefings/debriefings


So I noticed something the other night (started working on SA/SO Master level difficulty on Legacy maps) on Paris, I didn’t get the typical Diana dialogue:

THAT is Victor Novikov

Is this a recent (and welcome) change? Anyone notice this? I noticed this also when I completed Sapienza as well.


In my opinion I wasn’t too bothered by Diana’s dialogue. I kind of just tuned it out while I went about playing the missions.


I guess it’s a bug cause the same thing is happening to me. She doesn’t introduce any of the Season 1 targets, but she does introduce the Bonus Episode and Patient Zero targets as she normally should.


Well don’t fink to IO on the bug page. I think she should not introduce the targets and I LIKE her talking in missions


Really hope it’s not a bug. LOL. I ain’t reporting it!

Everything is fine IOI, all is in working order… How are you? (Blaster shot)


I din’t even notice anything. After a while I instantly get into my zone and boom it fades for the most part


No worries I already reported it on the bug thread, a few days ago.

Really? I always liked the way Diana introduces the targets, never got tired of hearing her doing so.

I already miss how she describes Viktor’s resume when I first see him come down the stairs :confused:


I just think it is unnecessary since she introduces them and their personality in the briefings. It would be better if she drops a hint for an opportunity when first seeing a target.


I don’t mind when she does it the first time I play a map, but afterwards? I don’t wanna hear from her on that again. LOL.


I meant the first difficulty, silly :wink: