Diana talks way too much


Since 2012-16 Ioi make games for stupid gamers or kids 6-11 years -thats why so Diana long speak, funny points over enemys head when he unconscious after you throw crowbar or other nonlethal item, floating menu of action in the center of screen which impossible disable, Eagle Vision and white arcs of suspision




There is always that one guy isn’t there.




It is not often an American remake is as good if not better than it’s original! (I am looking at you Spaced US)


Once a game gains a certain popularity, it gets extra attention and extra funding as well, and, of course, extra expectations in the terms of sales. So, in order to live up to their publisher’s sales dreams, the developers are pressured to address a wider audience, so they implement stuff like attractive story with plot twists, handholding, more talkative and ‘likeable’ characters, and more flashy things like re-skins.


I don’t think character development is one of those things developers do to gain broader appeal. I think it is a thing all writer’s do to help progress the narrative and make the game entertaining.


Oh yes, and that’s alright, but you’ve surely read a post on this forum where the user described, how they try to bond you with Diana through her overly affected and theatrical remarks and the overall way of speech. Not to mention her ubiquitous presence. I agree with this post, because sometimes she’s clearly acting out of her role just to be more… human. Perhaps too human.


I like new Diana.

After all, she’s our Handler and it’s her job giving us info.


IF “Diana talk less” THEN
“We need Diana.”
“We hate Diana.”


On IOI’s actual twitter account!



Maybe there is hope that we get the change to turn of Diana :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


Even Kotti and I think CJ both mentioned that so there really is chances.


That’s exaggerated - I don’t think anybody hates her as a character, only her tendency to hand-hold. Almost nobody asked for more Diana when they played Hitman 2: SA through to Blood Money. It genuinely does get annoying to hear her yammer on and on in the latest installment.

What’s next in Hitman 3? Will she start describing random NPCs too? “THAT… is a security guard, wearing a black suit. I suggest you don’t carry guns in front of him, to avoid suspicion.”

  • that is sink, 47 -human always wash hands here after toilet
  • THAT is toilet, 47! People always do that private when need it
  • THAT IS DOORs, 47! People open them with hands!
    -Diana please shut up!


I agree with OP, Diana talks too much. Hitman has so much handholding, I wonder why they have not added a notification for when you lost silent assassin rating yet. Even I sometimes am not sure if I still can get silent assassin rating anymore, so some kind of indication would be nice when you can’t get it.

A small symbol next to minimap or something.


For me they should just get rid of her target introductions. I don’t mind her talking in the mission she is a handler after all. It would be a shame to demote her to a slab of text like the old games.


Everything she says becomes obsolete the first time you hear it.


I like her target introductions, i’d even say it’s been a good trademark and addon for new HITMANs :+1:

"THAT"… is a good feature :blush:

The real thing now is:

-> Diana saying it only first time playing the level
–> Diana not speaking directly to you like she is next to you but through some radio filter
—> Ability to turn off “Diana Notifications” for people really annoyed by her

It’s more about tweaks than disables.


I find the fact she bothers to describe them at all dumb. First, how could she see them? Second, 47 surely watches these “cool” briefing videos someone at ICA makes for him and studies his targets.