Diana talks way too much




47 is not shown pressing the detonator


I’m starting to find we’ve been talking way too much about Diana talking way too much.
Then again, she still keeps yammering on so maybe still not enough? IoIs tweet does show they seem to be aware of the problem at least.
The only things that she can say as far as I’m concerned is stuff that are out of the control of 47, and where it’s reasonable that she would know about it. Examples could be the arrival of the convoy at Hawke’s Bay (which funnily enough 47 has to notice first) or the race ending in Miami.
NOT introducing targets that already have been introduced through the briefing.
NOT commenting on conversations 47 can hear and interpret for himself.
NOT commenting on pictures, letters, notes and items 47 finds and can interpret for himself.


She can, but only if 47 triggers her by calling her/turning mic on.
Again, it’s not about shutting her down, but tweaking the way she speaks to 47 everytime…


I completely disagree. I think Diana is a really likeable character, and her often flippant, dry humour and professionalism are really enjoyable. It’s cool because even with all the tension of the game, you always kind of feel like you’ve got a friend watching out for you.
Even though I doubt 47 actually considers her a friend!


Listening to the same thing every single time you find something is irritating regardless.


Yes we only need an option to turn off her obvious dialogue. Another annoying situation is in Mumbai when you enter the Chawl you enter and see Area discovered the Chawl.
DIANA:”this is one of the famous Chawls of Mumbai 47”. Err… ok. And just after this you listen 2 persons talk about mysterious guy that is here, you don’t have even the time to finish to listen the conversation that DIANA:”47 peoples there are complaining about a mysterious guy that is here on the Chawl”…
fuck Diana I just listened this from myself I don’t need you to repeat me this things like a moron that don’t understand nothing.


I am shocked that the good people of HitmanForum are so triggered by a woman telling them what to do. :sunglasses:


That is? ??? What ??? Who ??? Diana? Diana!


Perhaps that’s why she was losing agents so rapidly in the comic. As 47 lacks emotions for the most part, he is able to to listen to her without jumping off the cliff, resulting in a perfect match.


I for one love hearing Diana talk.


I do as well. Except for when she cuts out dialogue and THAT…


i just wanna no when they gonna bang :wink:


They do it before and after every mission. It’s both his motivation and his reward.


I like to think that, with Diana and 47 being portrayed as being as close as they now are, that they exchange token presents at Christmas. Diana gets him the ties that he wears and, although he doesn’t really understand the sentiment, he still respects the gesture. So he breaks into her house and silently leaves a present on the desk in her study. Diana comes home from a long day at work, sees the dexterously wrapped (albeit emotionally absent) present and gives a little smile to herself.

But because he doesn’t really understand the whole gift-giving thing, they’re always random objects like a hammer or a laptop battery. Practical things, from a practical man.


haha emotionally absent… just wants to hit that


Haha that wasn’t quite what I meant. I mean 47 would probably send her a present because he knows she’s human and she likes presents, it would be very logical and without any kind of mushy sentiment behind it.
It’s almost like “You wanted a gift. I obtained for you, a clock. It is useful.”
“I was expecting a scarf, or something.”
“Why? What purpose does that serve?”


I’m repeating other folks’ sentiment here:

I love Diana and wouldn’t want her to ever be removed from Hitman. IMHO, she’s an essential part of the overall story of 47. However, IOI REALLY needs to add in a “turn off Diana” voice feature or at least retune the game so that she only says her comments “the first time” and then done.

Please IOI, for our sanity (and Diana’s)


I remember being overjoyed in hearing her voice during those missions in Japan (specifically At the Gates), because it was so rare to hear her speak in real-time. I hung onto every word, analysing the diction and pronunciation.

Now, I tend to ignore her. My new most hated line is from Mumbai: “47, there’s a man approaching the secure area. Perhaps you should see what’s going on?”
Erm…I’m the other side of the level. Also, don’t guards go in and out all of the time?


til that in the hitman pre-beta, the pip cam was used to let you know that sierra knox finished the race, not diana explicitly telling you. IOI should utilize the pip cam more. for example, if silvio caruso tries to escape, the pip cam shows him escaping, and diana does not say anything. show, don’t tell.

but maybe IOI thought it was necessary to have lots of handholding and treat you like a baby, because apparently some reviewers were so awful at the game. i of course am not a fan of the handholding. hitman is not only about exploration, but discovery. seeing a prompt to poison the IV after learning from a conversation that sierra knox has a doctor’s appointment? it’s more rewarding to put 2 and 2 together than to have the game explicitly tell you what to do. i don’t believe you get better at the game with handholding either.


What about people who play without PiP, how can they know the race is over or Caruso is escaping with out Diana telling them.