Diana talks way too much


I believe her presence in cutscenes is fine, it’s the running commentary she does during gameplay that I deteste, especially when she introduces the targets whenever you look at them, thus talking over important dialogue you’re trying to eavesdrop on.

In the old games, Diana barely spoke and because of that it was nice to hear her - especially during a mission. But now that the airwaves are saturated with her unfunny comments, the value of hearing her is decreased. Less is more. Perhaps the answer is reducing her dialogue (can you do that if you reduce the opportunity hints setting?).

I’d also like Vivienne McKee to voice Diana again, but her replacement doesn’t ruin it. Even if she does now have a stereotypically posh British accent. McKee’s delivery was much more business-like whereas the new Diana seems to be very whimsical in her briefings, contributing to the more light nature of this game.


does Jane Perry not actually sound like that? i can’t check rn


The only thing I think should be changed is when she re-introduces the targets, after the briefing that becomes redundant. Either remove it or have Diana make some sort of comment on the target as a hint to take them out. Otherwise it is fine, outside of the briefing she only says like five lines tops?


I believe she’s Canadian.


yes but afaik, she actually does sound like that normally.

can you point out where new-Diana is more whimsical in her briefings? here’s a playlist of all thr briefings: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdn1N5txRyg710zEF0G4d6IlRf8SIjqUt


It’s the delivery that is whimsical, like in the Paris briefing when she calls Novikov and Margolis “two of the most dangerous people in the world” and her ending line of that briefing. It’s far more dramatic and theatrical, especially with the music, than the original briefings were. Both were pre-recorded messages for 47.
Phrases like calling Margolis “beautiful and brilliant”, or sarcastically referring to General Zaydan as the “keeper of the peace” lacks the professionalism and neutrality that Diana had in the old games. I don’t think the new voice actress is doing a bad job, but it’s still too theatrical for my liking.


old-Diana definitely was more calm. but i wouldn’t call her “more professional” than new-Diana. old-Diana still made comments like “enjoy the ride, 47” referring to amusement park rides.

but yeah, new-Diana definitely has a bit more of a theatrical feel. although i don’t think the music should be put into account, as that’s not even connected to her.

also not sure what you mean by your examples. old-Diana still referred to targets by their status in the world, same as being “two of the most dangerous” and a “keeper of the peace”


But Margolis IS beautiful and brilliant she was a super-model and a Mossad agent and Zeydan IS a keeper of the peace both semantically (he is a general) and in his own motivations since he thinks Morocco is best run under martial law.


Sorry, I don’t know how to quote two people in one post.

Diana did make the occasional remark in the old games, but they seem to be more prevalent in this one, with phrases like “I do know how you love a challenge”. Her opinion seems to be showing a bit more, by the way she describes the targets, sounding sarcastic or curious whereas the old Diana was factual. Even when describing men like Lee Hong and Sergei Zavorotko, the old Diana didn’t make remarks or state anything but the facts of the mission.
Beautiful and brilliant are opinions that Agent 47 would have no interest in. It’s that familiarity and theatrical flare that lets the character down and is more likely caused by the script than the actress.

But as we see Diana and 47’s relationship explored in the next season, it’s natural to see her becoming more open and comfortable in her dialogue. I think if she became more formal, the audience (especially those that didn’t play the old games) would complain that she’s too one-dimensional.


Is she beatiful? LMAO

(20 char doesn’t like her)


HMF doesn’t like anything that deviates from what they know. If Diana did nothing but talk in the old games and didn’t in HiTMAN there’d be threads about IO downplaying Diana’s role.


whatever is different from the old games, this forum complains about. it’s not exactly surprising

anyway, they should add an option to turn off her voice. she definitely talks more in 2016, and it’s making the vets overanalyze the new VO


Not really.The complaint is that she talks about stuff that’s unimportant,unnecesary.

Agent_17 explained it well in other thread a while ago


It’s like literally six lines a mission dude.


That’s not only complaint.Read the post again.


Hello 47. We’ve got some business at the Paris Opera. There are two targets: The famous tenor, and Richard Delahunt, the American Ambassador to the Vatican.

Our client claims they’re behind a prostitution ring trafficking in boys and girls from Eastern Europe. Tosca is still in rehearsal, so there’s plenty of activity at the opera-house and you shouldn’t be too conspicuous. Ambassador Delahunt watches most rehearsals from his box. He travels with an armed escort, but there shouldn’t be any other security to speak of. You’ll get some cover from the construction crew renovating the theater for the new season. We’ve also left you a pick-up at the cloak room. In the third act of Tosca, the tenor faces a firing squad.

That scene may provide a useful opportunity. It’s a straightforward assignment, 47, but the Agency’s been having some problems in Paris. Use extreme caution.

Your next target’s in Chile. His name is Fernando Delgado. Used to be a Colonel in Pinochet’s intelligence service; now he’s running a cocaine factory under cover of a vineyard. Satellite imaging suggests that the lab is underground.

Fernando’s son Manuel is in on the coke trade, so to make it look like a drug hit, you’ll need to take him out too. We’ll get you in with a pensioner’s club from Santiago for the big celebrity unveiling of Delgado’s new wine label, named for 80s “B” action star Rex Stanton.

There’ll be at least one T.V. crew on hand, so keep an eye on them and their cameras.

Delgado’s got a seaplane, and that may be your best way to get out in a pinch.

it’s weird how " Approach this assignment with the utmost caution, 47 — these people are ruthless, fanatical, and extremely clever." from Shogun Showdown is any different from saying Dalia is brilliant or saying that Reza is the keeper of the peace


Serves as an interesting way to tie in with end of the mission and beginning of Contracts when 47 gets shot.

You could say everything you mentioned is useless but I don’t think game shouldn’t use any adjectives like famous,it should avoid adding unimportant info though

I think HITMAN does that way more often.

Of course,last paragraph is almost always unimportant in every Hitman game however I particularly hate the “I do know how you love a challenge” line.It makes it feel even more gamey,like 47 accepts to kill Viktor and Dahlia because he likes a challenge and not because that gives him the most money.Just my opinion.

She also sounds odd while talking over opportunities,saying pink would look good on 47 for Miami flamingo opportunity and always having some clever joke or sarcastic comment.
I guess it’s just a personal preference but I don’t like it.
There’s also that “Bastard!!” moment in Colorado :persevere: which makes me uncomfortable every time I hear it

Even if we ignore this,another problem for me is the briefings themselves which show pictures of location I’m about to visit (like Caruso playing golf,I didn’t start a mission) instead of showing pictures or videos taken by an ICA informant couple of days earlier.It looks more like a power point presentation now and way more gamey with “mission status-active” thing for ex.


Who took these pictures on the day of me assassinating my target?

Who made animations for this video?Someone from ICA?

Those two things combined make briefings feel way more cheesy and gamey to me compared to briefings of Silent Assassin for ex. where you would get a text on 47s laptop,a pic or video taken by someone from ICA (hell there’s even a video of target when he was a kid) and a map.


Game uses too many adjectives


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the only reason briefings have more uneccesary stuff in 2016 is because the 2016 briefings have a longer script than older games. imagine if you took the examples i put of the older briefings and multiplied it by 2- boom, you get 2016 briefings

yes, briefings are supposed to feel cool for the player now, as they’ve moved away from trying to make it seem like they’re on 47’s outdated laptop. it’s supposed to be cinematic for the player, not a slideshow they’re showing 47.

and yes, Diana definitely makes more humorous comments like that. which is why i want an option to turn it off, so ppl who don’t like it don’t have to hear it every time.