Diana talks way too much


I’ve been asking for a ‘mute Diana’ option since Paris launch, she’s so loud and harsh.


I like the new briefing better than the older ones, due to their cinematic feel. Is it realistic? Probably not. Are there too many unnecessary information 47 wouldn’t need to know? Yes.

Is it more interesting than the few short lines of text, narrated by Diana in Blood Money or Contracts? Absolutely!


A good example would be in Hitman Contracts “The Meat Kings Party”

Remember when 47 actually called Diana on a phone? Then 47 said “I found the girl”

Then Diana responds “Can you get her out?”

(You see, Diana couldn’t SEE the girl)

If that mission happened today, Diana would have responded to the gruesome scene the second 47 saw the gir, as if she was standing right there next to them.

That’s what annoys me. Not the fact that Diana talks a lot, but the fact that she has a front row seat everytime.

Another example is in BM “Flatline.”

47 actually had to call Diana on his phone to let her know that he has reached the first objective (Agent Smith)

Again, if that was today…

Diana: THAT is Agent Smith. You made it 47. Most impressive. Now to execute the rest of your assignment.

One more example would be in “Silent Assassin” Basement Killing; 47 actually had to describe to Diana that he saw a twin on a monitor. If that was today??

Yep, you guessed it!! :joy:

I honestly don’t mind Diana talking and taking part in the missions. Just don’t have it where she can freaking see everything all the time. It’s annoying. It’s one thing if she sees what you see (if she were to explain; “47, I’m seeing your current location via satellite, proceed at your discretion.” Etc…


“THAT…is Charlie Sidj- my God he’s fat! Don’t step on the pizza boxes, 47!”


Haha or the potato chips! :joy:

Yes, you’re right though! That type of “handholding” that people talk about so much needs to stop.


Of course, this would sometimes run SA because the NPC would still walk around during the cut scenes and catch you in the middle of the dialogue. :sweat_smile:


I always just used the taser on the guy before entering Smith’s room :grin: But yea, I see what you’re saying.


yeah but calling Diana every time 47 finds something is so odd for a game in 2019 :stuck_out_tongue: 47 probably just has a small camera somewhere on him


Ok fine, then ditch the phone and have 47 do the standard “bodyguard touching ear pose” and talk lol and if 47 does have a “camera” on him, they should make it known to us (the players) have Diana explain it from the get go so it, idk… would make sence :joy:


Of course.We shouldn’t have either (however 47 calling Diana makes more sense realistically).
Imagine 47 standing in middle of a crowd watching his target die and everyone hears him say “Target down” :upside_down_face:


That’s another thing. They should only have dialogue between 47 and Diana when absolutely necessary.

Not just to tell us who our target is…

That my friends, are what the pictures are for lol


small earpiece and small camera on 47 at all times should be obvious lol. how else is she seeing what 47 sees?


Still, they should have made it known if that were the case. It’s not hard.

During the way beginning of “HITMAN 2016”

Diana could have said something like, “47, ICA has equipped you with a state-of-the-art camera lens. This will allow us, here at Agency to see what you see at all times.” Blah blah…


yeah, they should have a voice line. i dont think it’s necessary, but clarification is always nice


How does camera stay on him when he’s changing disguises? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, well… it would have been better than making assumptions lmao and it only would have taken 10 seconds to explain


well he just takes the camera off, no? we can bend reality a bit :stuck_out_tongue:


If it’s any help, he did wear an earpiece in Hitman 2. It’s not shown, but it is mentioned in the tutorial hints.

Blood Money mentioned that the ICA has access to satellites, so that could explain it.


Real Assassins don’t change out of Suit though? :joy:

Nah, but then make it a camera Contact lens idk lol


yeah, them mentioning having an earpiece is all there needs to be tbh. having an earpiece on 47’s ingame model at all times would bother me a bit :’)

also, satellites can’t see through ceilings/walls afaik. but then again, it could be high tech ICA-vision satellites :stuck_out_tongue: