Diana talks way too much


Depends on how you approach it. Certain character traits aren’t seen in certain playthroughs and keep in mind we’ll be playing these missions for years and probably won’t watch the briefing again.


“Viktor Novikov is down. Next up, Dalia Margolis.”
“Really? I was about to go home.”


Funny, cause from watching the new Colombia videos looks like she introduces people of interest as well.


Makes sense. There’s less “as you know I am the therapist of Silvio Caruso”


some ppl on this thread are on suicide watch


“47, it would appear that some of the people in this thread are on-”

“Goddammit Diana will you just shut it for once?!?!?” (rips out earpiece, shoots repeatedly into concrete with silenced scoped lasersighted silverballer. )


While I don’t mind the info, or rather I can tune out if I want to, Diana giving client info to 47 is jst dumb. I know they trust each other but it’s a huge security risk and one 47 doesn’t even need.

One of the reasons I like Hitman is because it’s sterile. Guy in a fancy suit, getting basic info on targets, getting in there and getting the job done.

Not a huge deal but I’m a sucker for details.


I think would be good to see have a bit more of Diana, but less of her holding your hand and spelling things out for you

so maybe a tiiiny bit more character fluff, a bit less instructions, and the ability to be able to toggle Diana’s channel on or off- maybe when you turn it on she can say something to let you know she’s on standby and then continue to chime in with the usual stuff-- "THAT is so-and-so " etc


I think it makes sense for her to inform 47 about the identities of the clients. He’s presumably the best agent the ICA has ever fielded, so I doubt it presents a risk to them as he would never get caught in any of his missions.

I think the true security risk is when their identities are withheld. Ortmeyer and Sergei Zavorotko manipulated the Agency as they were the sole clients for almost every mission of their respective games, so after those events I think the ICA would be more upfront with their top assassin regarding the true identity of his clients.

Oh, and also Diana often revealed who the clients were in the previous games as well. Although admittedly it was more subtle, and not as obvious as Season 1. Like when she implies that it was Senator Bingham who ordered the hit on his son Chad in Blood Money.

From a storytelling point it makes sense too. The mention of each client of the first four missions makes the reveal in the Colorado briefing (that the Shadow Client manipulated them to use the ICA against Providence) more impactful to the player. This doesn’t excuse the clients reveal on the bonus missions and Elusives though, so make of that as you will.


Also sucker for details. To play devils advocate, however, I think knowing who the client is was more important in HITMAN, because the story partially revolved around how they were all duped. That hits a little bit harder when you actually know who the clients are and believe you understand their motivations.


I want Diana to talk about our targets BEFORE the missions start ,when the briefing is being played. As in the first old parts! But not on mission!


Then that’s the fault of the current writers. Not the actress.


100% agree. The atmosphere of classic Hitman is lost as a result…The immersion isn’t there anymore and when it even hints at coming back, it gets interrupted by she who shall not be named… :yum:
Drives me mad though, makes new game such a love/hate thing for me.


Honestly I took it as hallucinations or misremembered “false” memories due to the accident in Ground Zeroes.


If I’m being honest, I only got into contracts mode to avoid Diana nagging me.
I like having a cool concise briefing and once I’m into the mission, silence…me, the location, the music (usually playing classic Jesper Kyd soundtracks via spotify app) and the ambient atmosphere. I normally play “any method” and “any disguise” contracts with a narrative-orientated briefing. I’m not interested in speedruns, obtuse restrictions or any of that tedium…except the occasional complication (I am fond of the “No Disguise Changes” rule)

The one thing I am looking forward to is the new soundtrack that doesn’t sound like it needs to be drowned out by my spotify…It sounds like it has actual tension.


yeah, the new OST is actually gonna make me raise the Music Volume back up from 0 lol


Trust me, we all did.


Strong disagreement on that front. I loved the feeling of earlier games of 47 being pretty much on his own, the only link to his employer occasionally being a small Agency pick-up. In that sense I love Hitman Codename 47 and Contracts.

Diana’s strong in-mission presence already started in H2:SA though. The St. Petersburg Stakeout mission has her talking quite a lot, and in At The Gates it’s clear she’s also closely following your movements
But Hitman took that on a whole other level. And personally I think there is a problem with the delivery by the new actress. Aside from the accent that one only hears on a theater stage, she talks to 47 as if she were his big sister. The fact that he allows such a thing made his badass-level drop significantly.


I have noticed that Diana’s performance is more ‘‘whimsical’’ as stated before and overall more playful in general, but i don’t really have anything against the new voice actress. Sure i miss Vivienne McKee, but i consider her role as potentially replaceable. Don’t get me wrong, voice actors and actresses are a big deal for me and i’d be shocked if David Bateson left the series like he almost did back in 2012.


Diana is a mystery in herself.

She can see all of the pictures… (3:04)

But can’t see providence written few inches above… Or on ether. (3:15)