Diana talks way too much


She’s dyslexic pls no bully Diana.


So how is Diana keeping track of what’s happening? How does she know 47 is looking at a target so she can jump in and tell him some info? Maybe he’s carrying a gopro with him and streaming all missions on Twitch.

I know it’s just a gameplay thing. Just messing.


She gets into arguments with people in the chat sections.


I’ve just found out that one of the opportunities in Miami has a description by Diana that ends with “Well. What’re you waiting for?”

You can shut the Hell up Burnwood, you’ve just (finally) finished giving an unfunny monologue about someone I passed at the beginning of the level.


Are you doing alright?


Are you contributing?


Yes, I’m contributing concern.


If 47 did this in a mission HITMAN 2 would be the GOAT now and forever:



Thinking on it, maybe another issue for me with the dialog could be it gives off the impression that he just “turned up” on the day with no prep at all. The first time you see the target and Diana says “THAT is…”, it frames the situation that it is the first time 47 is seeing this person, and he hasn’t already read the assignment or seen the pictures himself prior to arriving