Diana talks way too much


Actually he was wearing different clothes for me from how you described. So that’s interesting


Well I either lucked out or it is different from game to game. The only time he changes for me is when he goes to his old house wearing his old gear but then changes back at another point. But I have only played the level twice now so I will have to experiment more when I go back to Mumbai.


Oh maybe then, I found him in the streets wearing a white tank top and jeans (I think at least on the pants)


Yeah not my Kale. That is radically different


Well if that’s a feature we just stumbled on then that makes Mumbai even more interesting


Yep would make me thankful I found the flag opportunity first go.:smile: Originally I was try to do the train kill thought they two were related but no. Poisoned Kale and kicked him off the cliff.


There’s plenty of other ways of finding the Maelstrom. A couple are really good, and lead into great kills.
It’s unfortunate that the game leads you into the “identify out of a crowd” method first, as it is by far the worst one.

Edit: That being said, for the most part have no idea why people don’t like Diana talking. I like it. Reminds me of the good old days where you had to identify your target in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.


She talks because she is a character now and not merely a voice no one cares about. Or at least the developers want us to care about her.

And yes, it works far better than in any other Hitman game prior to 2016…

Can Diana be annoying? Sure. Is she interrupting? Of course.
Do I want her gone? For the love of god no.

(And yeah I do like the story and character development.)


Gameplay wise I feel that Diana constantly handholding you (in some cases straight up providing solutions or beating you on your head with information you acquired already) comes off as condescending as a player, as if the developers are treating us like idiots that don’t have basic learning capacity for listening on NPC dialogue or exploring on our own for clues and need to be told exactly what we should do. It’s also silly because we already have gameplay options for reducing other handholding mechanics for players that don’t like them, but not this one that got increased tenfold in the new game.

I don’t really mind her commenting on succeeded assassinations and such like in 2016, but when she’s commenting on every tidbid you learned mere seconds ago, like in OP post examples, as if we have the memory of a goldfish it starts to get under my skin. It doesn’t really have to do with her as a character (though personally I don’t really like the direction that devs are taking her and 47 to either…), any radio support constantly butting in to provide advice when not asked is ear-grating. Especially considering the somewhat puzzle game-like nature of the series.


I’ve been saying this since the first game!
How are people okay with this shit?!
We want to figure out things on our own. Diana needs to be turned off completely.


To be completely fair, this has been the case a lot of time when press/media guys got to play the new HITMAN on promo events. Seriously, the guys from IO got so frustrated and annoyed at times by the sheer ignorance and incapability of the people that were trying out their game.

For the players familiar with the series, sure it can come across as condescending. But there really are a lot of idiots out there.

Best would just be to have an option to slightly adjust Diana.


I still would like an option to turn off (almost all of) her dialogue during the missions. Nothing against the voice actress, she does a great job IMO, but the option to play the main missions essentially as an ET (i.e. no voice over when you see the target for the first time during the mission) would be something I’d like


I personally liked it much more when Diana just gave you the mission briefing and let you do the rest, unless there were specific complications. It made 47 feel a lot more independent and more like he valued his privacy.

The unprofessional, overly-frequent remarks are what really bugs me about Diana. Her old image of being your secretive, straight-to-the-point handler of few words is now replaced by a cocky, judgmental chatterbox.


Wow we have made 4747 of these things. Will IO give us some sort of reward?


100% agreed.
Diana really only ought to be heard from if you consult her via the menu opportunities. It’s fucking annoying having her constantly give advice. 47 is the assassin here, lady, not you.

So yeah, an option to have her quit her yappering would be appreciated but not sure if IO will/can indulge us.


“Thanks to the folks over at Hitmanforum making 4747 threads related to Diana speaking too much, we will add an option to make Diana talk more often. For example, every time 47 takes a step, Diana will say: “You took a step, 47. Most impressive.”, and we’re also making the Standard Edition for HITMAN™ 2 $99,99 since its value has increased thanks to this.
We hope you enjoy these changes, and look forward to keep ruining our games. Have fun.”


Well I never minded Diana talking more and I still do’t’. She is a handler not a debriefer. If IO want to improve her character then go for it. Also I said reward.


Well I thought hearing Diana more often was a reward, she has such a good voice :3


True I have always like Vivian over Jane anyway.


those are suicidal words