Diana talks way too much


i’m calling for a public execution. :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you NOT expect me to say that though. In all fairness it is a very Accidental thing to say.

Like this one




Fine but remember you did agree with my point

So you are going down with me.:smiling_imp:


Fuck, you’re right.
My last wish is to die on a white suit holding two supressed and modified AMT Hardballers.


Strangely enough, she doesn’t seem to speak when you see Novikov in the Legacy pack. Dunno if it’s intentional or a glitch.


IOI just add opoprtunity disable her voice in menu!


My favourite one is

Janus: Have you seen my photograph?
Diana: Sounds like Janus is talking about an old photograph. Let’s see who else is in it.
47: Why? I’m in the middle of a mission.
Diana: Because…er…I…well…I just like old photos, okay?


Did that actually happen?


I got so excited when I thought that said “added”!
Most people are very nice about it here, but I truly detest Diana. Her friendship with 47 got to her head.


Fear not, it was an exaggeration on my part. But she does send you to look for that photograph while you’re busy trying to set a trap for Janus. I think she’s just nosey.


So is there any dev update on this? It’s really weird too, because earlier level Miami has relatively little enforced handholding, but she kicks into full gear from Mumbai and Whittleton Creek onward. Especially in Whittleton Creek she and Shadow Client by extension never, ever shut up, handholding you on almost every single detail you come across.

This isn’t a bug or anything? It really feels like something that should’ve be tied to having mission guidance active, so people who don’t want handholding can disable it.


I agree. Her elegant feminine almost motherly demeanor from contracts and blood money is completely gone. Shes just an abrasive Live commentator now like Agent 47 and his “Hits” are some sort of spectacle sports match that needs narrating. Its like watching Barca soccer and hearing the voiceover guy have a tardspasm over Messi being in possession of the ball. Except Diana is the Voiceover guy and Messi is 47…


I’m extremely fed up with all her in-game dialogue, almost giving me a headache and I never have headaches.

“THIS… is… target-name.wav” got old extremely quick and I truly hope IOI will patch in an option to turn her dialogue off, or if we can somehow delete any files in the installation.

Completely breaking all immersion as soon as she pops up.


I think it’s pretty nice having VO from her.


Actually VA’s are able to reduce their vocal age on command. It’s a skill. :slight_smile:


FYI you can turn down the “Dialogue” volume to silence Diani, but it silences other NPC’s too.


Never even occured to me. I like her voice.

Can’t u turn hints off? and/or switch to master diff.? that should kill all the hints spoken or otherwise.


I’ve thought the same thing and discuss it here.

I’m not mad about it though. I just know where it could eventually go… if it were a movie series that is.


Petetion for an option to turn off Diana’s voice. #mutediana
Also, no need to make shadow client a male handler. #Nohomo