Diana talks way too much


What would really be funny with the Shadow Client becoming 47’s new handler is that it is almost exactly what happened to 007… in fact the Shadow Client looks and sounds like Ralph Fiennes M.

Which would be yet another 47 and 007 parallelism in a long chain of parallelisms! Hahaha.


Thank god I never heard Janus talk about any photograph whatsoever and found it by myself.


She actively ruins the experience in my view. During a first run-through she spoils solutions, on subsequent run-throughs she’s just plain boring and repetitve, making her smug countenance even more grating. Makes me wish she blew up in that car along with her parents.

Also, rule number one in story-telling is to show, not tell. This is especially true of video games, which is all about “showing” as it can do so directly and effectively. When we enter the sprawling grounds of a mansion owned by the head of a drug cartel and see armed guards all around, we really DO NOT need some narrator voice literally telling us how dangerous the situation is. Let us get immersed in the experience ourselves and trust us to figure out for ourselves that it is indeed dangerous. Having Diana emphasize it is both a disservice to the player as well as all the people who worked so hard on the level to get a certain atmosphere across.

Sorry for the strong tone but Diana irritates me to no end. And I’m not talking about the character or the voice actor per sé (though in both instances I preferred her earlier versions pre-Absolution, but for instance in the pre-mission briefing videos I think current Diana works quite well), but about Diana as the exponent of hand-holding going on in this game.


She is great for new/casual players but there should be a toggle option for her dialogue (for players who want to explore), and they should also fix her dialogue and hand-holding execution to make it a bit realistic and immersive… because the bigger problem i have with her is that she sees almost everything… For example, when seeing the eyedrops in the miami level… she tells 47 about eye drops like “hm i see eye drops” and gives all the info about robert’s eye problem… This should be changed, 47 should have the first line of dialogue like “I see eye drops” and then diana should give him info instead of “hm i see eye drops”… How does she see? She sees almost everything around 47’s surroundings (whether he’s in open area or indoors).


Maybe they should include in Gameplay Options:

Handler Interaction

  • High (for Casual Players. Players who like Diana. Diana gives commentary on mission clues)
  • Medium (Diana does one liners and calls out mission milestones but no longer talks about clues)
  • Low (Diana announces mission milestones only)
  • None (You’re on your own 47.)


P.S.: Tagging @Travis_IOI just in case they find this idea useful as there are a number of likes for it already. :slight_smile:


I was thinking about the same, Absolution offered us to play with literally no GUI. Made the game feel really different with none of those helping elements.

Now they make Diana comment on everything. Wish we could turn it off.


Only problem I have with the new Diana is the lack of a radio filter when she talks. It’s like she has a telepathic connection with 47 and is speaking directly to his mind.


In hc47 it was just a sign under the messages from ortmayer.
In h2sa the devs provided it with a voice.
In hc they gave it a body
In hmb this body looks like a white brunette
In absolution it was colored to black
In hitman it became ginger just like the girl in splinter cell conviction who constantly talking like in spy movies about james bond.
Guys, you got what you deserved and asking for.


47 is a Dark Mirror-Universe version of Professor X, confirmed. lol

That also explains 47’s ability to sense the location of people through solid walls!

Somebody could probably write a good fan-fic about this.



Its 2018, you dont hear 1990’s radio filter or walky talky interference when you use decent earphones on your cellular phone. I’m sure 47 uses decent earbuds and 2018 technology, he probably has a nice set of sennheisers lol


Every cell phone in existence has that “radio” sound its not just 1990s. If I made a call on a Galaxy s9 or The newest Iphone, i guarantee it will have that remote, sent through the waves, distorted effect on it. That is actually a cinematic and stylistic choice to make her voice that way, and im sure if IO wasn’t so keen on cutting corners we would get some of the things we asked for.

ATM Diana sounds like shes right next to 47 all of the time. Add a little reverb to her voice and shes a fricken outerworldly demon giving orders and cracking jokes on whos going to die next.

Its a far cry from the quiet, cool and calculated, all business Diana we had before. Now shes making a deal with Providence to find out 47s origins and… wait what? Why the fuck would she care about 47s origins isnt she just a handler at the agency? Im lost.


well I prefer crystal clear voice, not a fan of low quality static radio noises. Some people are sensitive to that.


Sensitive? Like to high frequency noises? That makes sense but with a good DE-ESSER tool those high frequency that hurt and annoy could be elimated from her voice before implementation.


Who the fuck have Diana authority to comment on 47’s photo collecting hobby. He killed you once. He can (and probably will, going by how the tables have turned in story, when she finds out 47 killed her parents and tries to kill him) do it again.


Waiting for season 3 to kill diana so that I won’t be bothered by that annoying bitch.


IoI loves Diana way too much to kill her off. It’s as unfortunate as it is evident.


May I correct you. It’s even the end of 2019 in the game, with spearheaded technology and such. At the least I expect more like Hawkes Bay and have 47 reply to Diana like in an actual conversation in s3. Also, I liked how 47 asked question to Subejct 6 about the mission. Gives the improvised briefing vibe to me like in Silent Assassin



That’s how I imagine 47’s face everytime Diana opens her mouth.

Also: Leaked Soundtrack called “Diana’s Theme” from Hitman Season 3:


The horse has left the barn on this but I really wish they hadn’t strayed so far from the “just another day at the office” feel that the Agency had in the first few games. You got the feeling that Diana worked in some kind of call center and was probably handling 20 different assassins at any given time. It was good world-building and there was a sense of irony to the “International Contract Agency” that was funnier than the overt camp and slapstick that define the series today.

They’ve made Diana a more prominent character in both the story and the gameplay but the problem is they don’t complement each other and both are weaker for it. For example: if Diana is watching everything 47 does and can give unsolicited opinions on kill opportunities and identify targets, why wouldn’t she also admonish 47 when he gets exposed or decides to just unload bullets into the crowd at the racetrack? The answer is because she’s not really a character, she’s a gameplay mechanic… except for when they want to do something heavy-handed in the cinematics or in Diana’s verbose briefings, in which case she’s a character again.