Diana voice during the mission


So, what do you think of Diana voice talking during the mission ?
I would like to have an option to disable it !



I don’t think anyone likes it, I wouldn’t mind if she didn’t speak over other dialogue so the ability to disable it would be cool.


Annoying as fack



Annoying as fack


Its annoying because 47 doesn’t even have an earphone.


Interesting, I was just thinking of this. Not a fan. While you can disable opportunities you can’t disable target down.

I didn’t mind it in H2. Maybe cause 47 used to talk back to her.


I think it’s fine


I agree it is annoying, but it’s not like this is the first game she has done this lol Remember Hitman 2: Murder at the bazaar and at the gates??


Well … I thought it was great. It made the contract more immersive for me, and I actually changed my kill-method because of the intel. update.

I was planning on a indiscriminate gas-canister or remote-mine explosion, collateral-damage be damned, because I never normally do that kind of thing; but when I learned that an undercover interpol. agent was working closely with Vito, I decided to opt for something more stealthy and intimate so as not to murder the agent by mistake.


I’d be in favor of disabling it. Obviously, at the start of the mission we need her to brief us. However during the mission she shouldn’t know anything about whether a target is dead or has been spotted unless 47 reports it. 47 doesn’t have a gopro camera attached to him as far as I know.

Why tell me I’ve spotted the target, or if something could be useful? The briefing covers this for us with pictures and intel. The rest is up to 47 to figure out. I also don’t particularly care for bond music cue when the targets dead, I’d rather it just play at mission exit but it is a small gripe.


That’s a good point.

As I say above, I personally like the idea of Diana giving 47 (occasional) real-time intel. updates via an earpiece, but I don’t love the idea of her being omniscient. As you say, 47 isn’t wearing a camera.


Exactly. I don’t mind if she talks and gives us updates during the mission if it’s relevant, just annoying that she can somehow see through 47’s eyes.


But it was tied to the story to be fair.


I don’t mind it. But I would prefer a more “indifferent” tone rather than the “omg you have to do this so damn right or else the world will fall apart”


Nope love it. I think there should be Co-op with Diana in her Birthday Suit


Perhaps he has contact lenses with a camera in. Or not. Been watching too many spy films


I’ve thought about this before and I would really like the option to disable it. I hate how she knows you killed the target as soon as you kill them. Like if you shoot them, as soon as the bullet hits Diana pops up with “target down”, and whatever variation of dialogue she has for the level.

This really made me miss Jespyr Kyds soundtracks also, I remember in the older games, when you killed a target a part of the soundtrack would kick in.

In the newer game it’s just some generic strings and Diana telling you to kill your next target or exit the level.


The camera is in the tie obviously.


It wasn’t annoying in H2. In H2 she only talked to give you useful info on how to do the rest of the mission and she wasn’t in the habit of sugarcoating her sentences. She gave info as succinctly and professionally as possible. But now, she randomly comments on every single thing you do.

“Target down. Next up, Silvio Caruso” - Totally unnecessary.

What bugs me the most about Diana in HITMAN is the overly friendly tone of her voice. She was occasionally friendly in the previous games too. “Happy hacking, 47!” etc. But now I can’t find a single serious comment coming out of her mouth.

I miss Vivienne McKee

P.S. And yeah I also don’t like how she seems to see through 47’s eyes. Gamey as hell. In H2 47 told her when he needed info or had just done the first part of the mission, and Diana reported back. That was much more immersive and realistic.


Yup we need more audio options no doubt, not just for Diana’s voice over.

Speaking of Diana, I think it would be cooler if they put a filter on it to sound like she was speaking through headset or something. It breaks the illusion when you hear her voice in crystal clear studio quality.