Diana voice during the mission


Precisely this. In SA, she told him she could see certain things from the satellite feed etc. and she spoke to him through an earpiece – it made way more sense. Now she is this disembodied voice which I find quite odd.


I don’t like “this is Novikov” “well job Target is dead” “the money was Linked to your account” etc
Globally I dont Like “live commentary”.

But I appreciate actual mission specific intel like that useless yet interesting info about the interpol agent


True. Gotta point there… But like I said, I still find it annoying as well. Maybe IO will do something about it. If not, there’s always mute :smile:


Just sayibg, I love it. She’s perfect


Old Diana’s Voice is much better & realistic. Bring back Vivienne McKee!


‘Gives 3 minute long briefing with info about who the targets are’. 47 arrives at the Paris fashion show; “that is Viktor novikov.” Uh yeah I know you just told me in my briefing. ‘Sprays target with silverballer’. “Your target is down”. No shit Diana you stupid? You’re not even here.

This is so damn retarded :tired_face:


Is it me or does it seem that David Bateson has a severe lack of voice work in this game. He never seems to be in any of the end cutscenes and doesn’t seem to say much to Diana before during or even after a mission.

I’d love it was similar to say Rendevous in Rotterdam where they were constantly taking back to each other.


It would be better if 47 communicated back to Diana at ICA that he accomplished his missions than Diana instantly knowing.

47: “Diana, target down”

Diana: “Well done, 47. Next up…”

I personally don’t mind Diana talking to you but 47 needs to be the one who initiates the dialogue. It would be more immersive that way.


Yes it would be nice to have an option to disable Diana’s information during gameplay. Partly because she sounds so fake now. Vivianne McKee did a far better job. The Diana we have now is like: "That!.. is… Victor… NOVIKOV"
Just say it as a normal handler, there’s no need to over-exagerate every thing she says like it was a low budget film.


Hope IO’s listening, because while I like the Diana actress, I’m not so keen on her always knowing what’s happening, such as when I see that target, and when I’ve eliminated him/her. An option to enable/disable Diana Communications in mid-mission wouldn’t be so hard to program in.


There are a lot of changes that I hope they are working hard on.


I’d love for 47 to respond: “And YOU… are getting annoying, b!tch”


(Blue Steel Look from Zoolander, anybody?)


‘This is Diana from agency’


Diana’s voice is annoying as fak in this game. It"s over the top-i’m-a-rich-brit-bitch accent that mindless high class models use. The best example is the paris breifing, “but you timeless looks shall fit right on, goodluck 47”, i mean… just listen to it! It reminds me of that one kid in the school play that’s over acting the part and nobody likes it except the teacher.

The best diana voice was during some of the hitman 2 missions, like the murder at the bazaar, 47 kills the first target, a realistic and a bit tensed diana seems to give 47 the instructions for the next part of the mission, nothing fancy like “this is THE target”, “this is a donut”, “this is AN ass”, fakin hell mate :confused:

We know IO is rushing the game, they’ve been debates and stuff but i don’t know, i’m thinking that hitman 7 (hopefully) will be the ultimate assassin fantasy, all the pros (animations, mechanics, no spy who shagged me music) and least amount of cons.


I still don’t understand why they replaced Vivianne McKee and tried to do the same with David Bateson.


I actually really like new Diana.

But to each their own… @VanillaBeast


But why change it? It’s not like she is a huge Hollywood actrees with a tight schedule


"aw bitch!


Always loved that scene