Diana voice during the mission


Maybe it was her decision?


me too lol, i postes it cause that is the voice that comes to mind everytime i have to hear her talk.

“aw bitch” and 47 takes the earpeice and throws it on the ground


In the same installment the whole game was changed by developers decision? Nah


I don’t necessarily have an issue with her either other than her announcing everything. But that’s not her fault anyway.
“That is Dalia Margolis”


I miss that Danish-British Accent :frowning: I could hear the difference. If they don’t use Jane Perry for Season 2 I hope it’s another Dane Brit


While having an option to disable her voice would be ideal at times, the new Diana doesn’t bother me too much, at least she doesn’t talk too much. The one problem is that she is too helpful for me. As for her magically seeing what 47 sees and somehow magically reporting on it, I guess it just comes with the territory of this kind of game.

It’s just as absurd as seeing how characters on the codec in MGS know what’s going on without any intel or another good example is from this clip of the first Splinter Cell game. How does Lambert know that Sam even touched the ground here? Sam has a cochlear implant, so how would Lambert ever know that Sam was misbehaving, forcing him to abort the mission?

It’s a trope that the game can’t be faulted for, as countless games have used this before. Her voice works as a helper, and for me it’s a much better helper than a cluttered HUD and such. I guess to each their own, but I usually just put up a willing suspension of disbelief for these kinds of things. The only reason why I would want the option to disable it is because of how ridiculously hand-holding it can get at times, as others have said already.


It’s not a question of AI, it’s a question of immersion. I don’t see how the differences between release dates matter when this is still in stealth games such as MGS and Splinter Cell even today. It’s simply a way to establish story, serving as a “helper” that brings the player’s attention to important people and items.

Here’s another, more recent example of the same exact thing. Spoilers for Metal Gear Solid V. Click here.


I really don’t see any reason why Diana has to comment something during the missions…especially if you spot your target for the first time. You have pictures, infos and instinct to find your target, so there is no need to comment it.
Additionally, it makes absolulty no sense that she knows where you are and what you do without any explanation about how she gets that info.
Her appearence feels just out of place. It’s something that’s has been bothering me since the first episode.

Thats one of the reasons why I don’t like the way how IO implemented Diana into the game.
It just feels like shes highly unprofessional. Unimportant Small Talk, inappropriate comments, exaggerations, dramatizations…I mean, she even tells 47 who’s the client for specific assassinations…wtf?! Thats the opposite of professional and discreet. Ludlum would turn in his grave…


That’s what I always say…


Exactly! Imagine playing hitman 2 featuring the new diana, the player will know that sergi zovotroko is the client, that’s it, game over.
There are sooooooo many facepalm moments in the new game and this over the top diana is one of them.


More like “Welcome to the chamber of secrets 47” if you know what i mean :smirk:


Nowt wrong with it. They can do with different voice actors and more authentic accents in the game world but there is no real annoyances with Diana’s voice at all. Matter in fact her mission communication is very limited in this game.


You a troll. How on earth does it sound like she wants to fcuk agent 47


Don’t call my dear spodey a troll please. He is a piece of shit, but not a troll. Thank you


I find that woman who shouts out Rocco rocco most annoying.


That’s because she is


I think the naming client thing is for plot advancement: We’re just being given names of fake clients while we as players know it’s actually the shadow client behind every hit, I doubt MI6, the board director, Hamilton-Lowe are actually doing this.

Photographer In Paris, She’s talking to the headmasters son in Marrakesh. I really wish they used a less distinct voice, that accent gives her away.


Yes that’s unforgivable in Hitman


It’s much better in the bonus episode

“Target Down. Two Objectives remaining”


Not really, she just mentions the essential information that you already receive in the briefing. As she briefs 47 before every mission, her voice could just be 47 recalling information from the briefing and something that he’s going through in his head only.