Diana voice during the mission


Is there still no way to turn Diana’s voice off? Someone mentioned a while back that it was going to get added, but I don’t see it anywhere in the settings.


I think that the problem lies that Diana is like you said, like a friend to 47. It was proved in Hitman 2 that, although she liked 47, it was purely…business. She was his handler at the Agency not his friend. Vivienne McKee got a bit boring at times, the new Diana is a bit more interesting. Also, does the new Diana follow around 47 and report in location? I wish that 47 would speak to her, confirming the kill in a safe area or asking for more info.


She was quite friendly in Silent Assassin, and you have to remember that game took place in 2002. The current game takes place in the year 2019, and they’ve been through a lot since then. It makes sense for their friendship to evolve over 17 years.

I just don’t like how she announces what’s happening in mission without so much as an earpiece for 47. At least in SA, she explained what she could see over satellite, and her voice sounded like it was coming over a radio, not from the air around you.


Y’know, my only request would be for her voice to have a radio filter like in the old days. She feels more like a narrator than someone feeding you info via cochlear implant.


I actually missed Diana during Holiday Hoarders, since she is only heard using standard contract mode lines when you take down a target…

Hopefully they record some stuff soon and add it in. And create a briefing video.


“What you know, I know. What you see, I see…”. I think that an earpiece would be too obvious so a bluetooth headset connected to the ICA Explosive Phone (kek) would be ideal.


Well, she was on a tight sjedule during the holidays


Yes, please give us an option to turn this off. It is enough if she talks in the briefing and not more. It’s annoying when she talks all the time, when you’re playing or planning something.