Diana's parents (spoilers)

Hitman 2 (2018) spoilers

So, I think it’s safe to assume that Diana doesn’t know that the deaths of her parents was the work of Agent 47 and Lucas Grey. I don’t think she’d take it well at all. The reason I say that is because in Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman #1, she seeks help to kill people, presumably people from Blue Seed Pharma, the company responsible for her brother’s death. I think it would be safe to say she would turn of 47 if she ever found out that he was involved in the death of her parents.

She knows, but 47 got his mind wiped.

When did Diana find out though?

She wouldn’t mind because 47 was hired by the company. And I think the Constant told her to trick them but she doesn’t care

This is literally shown during the cutscene after completing Isle of Sgail but I apparently need to tell you that there is absolutely zero evidence to indicate Lucas Grey had anything to do with it.

We don’t know that. We know that The Constant likely knows and may have told her. We also know that 47 might remember but the one thing we definitely do NOT know is whether or not Diana knows.

I seriously doubt your logic.

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So the guy who made you rich was a guy mindwiped and trained as killer with no emotions
Happens to be the guy who murdered your parents. He had no Control over that, but Providence and The mysterious company.

I think she’s currently unaware, and that the Constant is going to use it in Season 3. If Diana knew, I think she’d have shown more emotion at the end, or during the bank mission, rather than it being business as usual. He may even tell her while 47 is in the Maldives (if that’s the last mission before Season 3).

Personally, I don’t care for the shoehorned retcon of drama, but I’m sure it plays out well for the Netflix generation.

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I reference the comic I had read not too long before posting where 47 and 6 (Lucas Grey) are in a car after completing ba contract. It is safe to assume that this is after they killed Diana’s parents, since they dialogue prior mentioned a car bomb, and that is exactly what happened to Diana’s parents.

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