Did IOI ever respond/add any wish from here?

Just wondering.
20 wondering noises.


When you get to Mendoza after making a pithy comment in Spring 2020 that Diana and 47 should have a sexy surveillance tango:



Yes in fact I think the only reason we have the secret ending in Hitman 3 is because of @MrOchoa and his grand idea. It was literally exactly how he described it and there’s no way it’s a coincidence at least until Io confirms it is.


Could you link his message please?

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It’s on the old forum which is going to be down soon it’s up for archive now. Not sure where he said it exactly

Bruh found it. Holy shit


Ochoa definitely knew something

Edit: Ok, Franz definitely knew something


That was the first thing I thought when I chose the bad ending, rip Ochoa’s boxers lmao


Hey guys, I love Ochoa as much as you do, but please scroll up in that topic.

@MrOchoa ‘s came a month later, though I suspect he never saw my post and came up with the same idea. Great minds :wink:


Eh I mean it’s not all a dream… but still good guessing

IOI stole your guys’ idea! :wink:

Rain and a train level were definitely desires of some forum members.
When HITMAN 2 first came out, I made a suggestion about them making the foliage see through when you aim because it got in the way. Don’t know if they actually cared what I had to say directly… :man_shrugging:

More like 4 comments… :wink:
Thanks for the persistence! Who knows which one it might have been? Haha! :slightly_smiling_face:


Ochoa, the false prophet! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh they did. They even mention me in a video about the “black gun” saying who knows knows about it.
It took me 5 years but I brought back the BLACKBALLER


Not only that, we also got the Redballer and Whiteballer as a bonus.

I’m the reason the Italian Suit has no sunglasses in the Icon :smiley:

Here’s how it was one month before launch.

The Italian Suit without glasses will always be one of my most special suits. I remember starting up the icon and being shocked seeing 47 with no sunglasses. I just went “they used my idea?” outloud.

EDIT: Also I kept spamming how the sniping was so bad compared to Absolution and they finally added the “Hair Trigger/Steady Aim/Slow-mo” back. I’m certain that was cause of my posting too.

I also suggested the Terminus suit and a Winter coat (from the Hitman 2007 movie) but I can’t say for certain if that post is the reason they became suit unlocks.

This might be less popular, but I’m also the one that kept asking for more content like Sniper Challenge, and even suggested they should be a pre-order bonuses before H2’s release.


Sadly I can’t claim to be an influencer on this one:

But damn if don’t feel good to be right. I was picking up what they were putting down. :wink:


For what it’s worth, I also credit you for all those blue guns in Hitman 2016 turning black in H2. I remember you made a post about that lol.



With the exception of smaller things like “rain” I don’t think IOI have ever acknowledged that they did something because they read it in the wishlist, but there’s been plenty of instances of stuff mentioned in the wishlist that have then happened.

Just going off my own stuff that I’ve observed:

  • Back before Hitman: Contracts I wrote posts about using laxatives to get targets to the bathroom, then Himan: Contracts had a couple of cases of this. Using emetics to do the same can definitely be said to be born from the laxatives in Hitman: Contracts. Seemed like an oddly specific coincidence at the time, but who knows.

  • After the initial release of HITMAN 2016 I made a thread about improving “The World of Tomorrow” and suggested to make it possible to put coins in soda machines and then getting a soda can. Later it was put into the game.

  • I made a thread about improvements to Marrakesh. One of those suggestions was working phone booths that take a coin to use, instead of using the phones in the consulate and school. In Mumbai we had working phone booths that take a coin to use.

  • Before HITMAN 2016 I suggested improving the challenges from Hitman: Absolution by adding a “Silent Assassin” challenge, as well as a combo challenge “Silent Assassin, Suit Only” (Absolution had “Suit Only”). The post was liked by an IOI employee if I remember correctly. Now it’s in the games.

  • Before HITMAN 2016 I remember making a thread about how important I thought multiple escapes were.. Now they’re in every mission.

  • I made a thread wishing for “sitting down and relaxing” before H2016. Of course what became “Blending In” was already in Absolution, but just sitting down on a bench or whatever had not been used.


Would it count here?
Some time ago I asked them to change a russian name for Haven Island mission.
In the final patch for HITMAN 2 they applied the name I’ve suggested


I just wanna say I’m learning more about Bourbon every day :stuck_out_tongue:

Absolutely love this.