Difference between the ICA Black Lilly & ICA19 compared with the other Colt series. Very disappointing lack of diversity

Hello guys,

today I’m going to point out the very small differences between all the 1911 series we have in the game and discuss the appearance of the Blackballer in the cutscenes.

I well realize that I don’t like to a few members for continuesly pointing out this particular that “obsess” me so much. So I want to apologize to them in advance and hope to get along in a civil and educated discussion about this case.

What I’m going to show here is the lack of ambition and fantasy putted into the weapons of Hitman 2.
While the game looks incredibly beautiful, immersive locations, great music and amazing design, the weapons how ever lacks diversity.

Hitman is a stealth game. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t use weapons or that us, the fans don’t like to use them.
For completing missions, sometimes for fun and sometimes because we need them.
I feel more immerse in using the handguns in Codename 47, a game from 2001 than in Hitman 2 or in Season1.

The 1911 in Hitman 2 are exactly the same from Season 1. The ICA19 Black Lilly is no exception and not even the ICA Silverballer MK2.

They deprived 47 from his signature Ballers that were present since 2002 and made a new one that we call it the Blackballer where we only got to use it in the BETA 2015 but somehow is still making an appearance in the game cutscenes till today.
Very well visible and very often.

This morning I past my time screen shooting weapons and putting them together in paint to illustrate what differences is one from another.

What you see here are all the 1911s alienated in the same position and if it was not for the color and grips, you couldn’t tell them much a part because other than these 2 things it doesn’t change nothing.
Same engravings for 4 weapons IN THE SAME POSITION, almost same sights besides the ICA19, same triggers and so on.

Silencers are no exceptions. If it doesn’t have a different color, or it’s not chrome, then it’s identical with even the same writings on it. All white besides for the silencers from the ICA Black Lilly.

I did caught only 2 difference between 2 guns. The Magnum 1911 and the ICA19.
Magnum 1911, called like that only for a muzzle break, has different hammer and grip safety.

While the ICA19 has a straight line at the slide like the original Blackballer, the other Colts have a curved one like all the real weapons out there.

The ICA Silverballer MK 2 is pathetic. By the name you expect something more and different.
Well you got a big 2 with a red background on the gun on both sides of the slide. YEAH!!!
On the Silverballer MK II the medallions on the grip are different. More beautiful but that’s it only.

Now time for the Black Lilly and the ICA19
The diversity in these 2 pistols stands in… IN NOTHING!
Well not really, Black Lilly has a silver colored hammer, different magazine base, black writings on the silencer instead of white with a darker suppressor cap and instead of the “traditional” barcode we finally see something marked with the Hitman Symbol on the slide.
And I forgot to mention that the Black Lilly has the ICA Silverballer’s grips. Only they come in black.
But the logos on the slide are put in an odd way. Like the developers never gave a look at the past Silverballer in their own game wallpapers.

Of course there are other pistols in the game besides these ones. Unfortunately they don’t live much the hype or are something that you choose to use in a mission. At least these are my feelings for them.
The older games didn’t had a vast or huge selection to choose. But at least they were different from one another.
You had a Beretta 92 - Desert Eagle - Hardballer - CZ2000 - Magnum - GK17 (Glock) - Sawed-off Shotgun - 22mm Pistol - Revolver.

I used to be hyped to look at the weapons in Hitman because they were beautiful. What happen IO?

I would like to discuss more about the Blackballer, but I guess you all know a lot about it thanks to me.
The gun looks really good in the cutscenes and I’m glad I got to see it again. One cool thing I loved a lot was how it was positioned in the case when 47 talks with Diana on the phone.
All I could think was “Damn this scene would be so beautiful if it was a film instead of a picture”


Yup. A whole paragraph worthy of an MIT research project. I knew the bio of your winner banner for Most Popular member was right on spot!


I am gonna read the post when I got home.
Immediately thought of you when I saw the Blackballer cutscene. In a good way. :slight_smile:

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Honestly, whoever thought that slapping pink stickers and pins onto everything was a good idea needs to go for a brain scan, something’s not working up there. It looks so unprofessional and cartoonish, imo.


yeah, it looks very out of place. they could have made it have a less obvious symbol, at least

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You should take a look at all the other stuff marked with MK2 like the syringe or the lock pick.
Identical in every detail but it has a 2 in red on it. Some even looks too much out of place.

Seriously, what is happening in that room when they take these decisions?


At this point I can’t tell tell if you’re being completely serious or this is just one giant meme


To be fair, a lot of stuff changed in H1 after a while, so maybe they’ll change some of this stuff as well. I wish we had the option to make our own suits out of already existing ones, the customisation of that would be awesome.

Totally agree here. That’s like the dumbest thing of the year.


I don’t mind your “obsession” with the guns (and specifically with 47’s special weapons).

I like it when you explain it. It’s fascinating that you can find all these details (and how IO even put these details in the game in the first place).


My problem with it all is it just ruins my FULL immersion, however pathetic that may sound, knowing that there is just a giant pink sticker on my tacticool weaponry. As if 47 goes around labelling his lockpicks and guns and sticking pins into his suits.

Plus I just REALLY hate the new pink, yellow, green, etc. colours.


Maybe they will finally introduce it in Hitman 3? Maybe in Hitman 3 Anget 47 goes solo and won’t have anymore the help of the ICA.
So then he will pull out from somewhere the Blackballer because it’s his personal weapon.
I like to believe this is the reason they still use it in the cutscenes.

What I feel bad about is that I got no explanation about it and I asked and asked and point out in every occasion I had.


The constant , is going to try and get Diana on his side to go after 47 I think, when he tells her it was 47 who blew up there parents.

I think hitman 3 though will be out when PS5 is out in 2020

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It’s not even about that. It’s just plain bad taste. The same is true for the suit we get as Legacy pack owners. That icon is as out of place as it gets. The fact that it’s a pun of sorts (2 on the icon coinciding with the game’s icon) makes it even worse. And I still don’t get why they make reskins if they could just make them skins for the ICA pistol.

Yeah, I really wish they had just stuck to the reds and greys and perhaps hazard yellow. The neon colours feel so garish.

Thanks for the spoiler tags dude in a thread about gun differences. :roll_eyes:


And for guns and equipment already existing in S1.

What do you mean? (20 Blackballers)

“…got the typical MKII Look“



… Urgh. That is just urgh. So unecessary and looks so much worse. Is the different name not enough?