Difference between the ICA Black Lilly & ICA19 compared with the other Colt series. Very disappointing lack of diversity

All the stuff with the big 2 logo is equipment from S1. Identical in every way. Don’t know why not use the already existing weapons again.


Oh, yeah, exactly. Completely unecessary change that just makes it look so unprofessional and ugly, imo.

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yeah they could have just changed the colour and call it a day

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Whose idea was it to slap on big pink 2 stickers on every MKII unlock???
Just give me a reskin (even though things like lockpicks will go unnoticed in 47’s hand), but keep those ugly red spots off of the weapons. They make no sense, professionally, in game as to why they are labeled as such. (and to reskin and put it on a Lockpick is even worse since literally no one will notice the difference as its a tiny thing that’s clasped in 47’s hand)

Is it because this is WB/IO’s way of telling us “HEY guess what you’re playing HITMAN 2 courtesy of WB Games!!”??

Is it because 47 has short-term memory loss and the ICA engineers couldn’t come up with a better way for him to remember which are his Mk1 weapons and which are Mk2?

Is is because these “MkII items” offer no extra value than the originals, so IO just scraped the literal bottom of the barrel in reskins???

I feel so much shame for these reskins right now… :unamused:


They don’t even have to change the colour, the name should be enough.

Can’t believe this was the only solution. Who actually can be ok with this? It looks so ridiculous.

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yeah i dont know why they dont use skins from the old games instead, instead of this MKII Nonsense

I think it’s just a problem with the art direction of the new colours. It’s all so bright and neon and unnatural.

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nah the UI is fine, don’t bring this up. the problem is the clashing of the color schemes of the weapons. you have this silver, brown, black pistol. and then you go and slap a hot pink sticker right on the side. like what??


maybe its related to the unlocks, so this way in hitman 3 everything can be carried over

I didn’t mean the UI as in how it is, I meant the neon colours. They’re just so unecessary when a brighter red, or a yellow and black warning tape like that could have been used. I just hate the neon.

I guess this was meant to give people the unlocks from S1 without having to own the Legacy pack forcefully. Still, why not to just put the S1 stuff as direct unlocks in the game, maybe associated to the classic challenges.


True… Could’ve changed the suppressor design or anything… But no… They decided to go with something that is more in line with a hitman game… PINK STICKERS :sweat_smile:

It’s weird because I thought the BL would just be the beta Blackballer but with Silverballer traits otherwise why have it as a pre-order bonus?

I bet Mk3 versions from Hitman 2020 will have “Yee-haw! Ha! I tell you, I don’t ordinarily yee-haw but this is a fucking yee-haw! Fuckin’ Christmas” engraved instead.


I wonder if the IO staff know anything about this…

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I really hope they do.

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@Travis_IOI Is there a reason why the MK2 variants had garish stickers stuck on them? They look completely out place and make NO sense.


Some minor texture variations would’ve been a much better way to differentiate mk2 weapons, instead of literally putting an ugly sticker on them.