Differences between Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 legacy missions

I wanted to list them here so feel free to respond and I will append it. Also feel free to correct me, but this was based on my playing experience on PC, noticed more than few times, so bugs/glitches are ignored.

Hitman 2:

  • Player visible in the mirror
  • High grass for hiding
  • Blending in crowd (from the Absolution, but it was missing in Hitman 2016)
  • NPCs will alarm if they see you carry a sniper rifle although you are dressed as guard/soldier whatever
  • Flash grenades during combat
  • Briefcase
  • PIP when someone investigates or when body is found
  • If we consider Professional level (being default level) to be something like default level of H2016 which is Normal level, then there are few differences also (this is questionable however):
    – suspicious actions in front of the cameras are noticed
    – there are few extra guards here and there and the movement of the existing guards is sometimes different.

Hitman 2016:

  • Has way more Escalations!
  • Missing Casual difficulty level

The final H2 comment could perhaps be amended.

I think it’s additional guards staring at the video recorders, I don’t think there are any other additional guards.

Also everyone’s routes can change, I think a discussion I had with a couple of others got me to the following understanding. When restarting a level the game seems to remember where people were on their cycle of activities. The restarted game keeps that location so they appear further along in the cycle. That applies to all and so there’s an extra bit of semi-randomness to the levels. H1 had completely fixed cycles. I don’t know how to write that concisely!

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Thanks for the input.
Regarding additional guards and the guard movement, please compare the Training level in Cuba, and the three guards and their movements near the toll booth. I’ve read also (I don’t remember how it was in the actual game H2016) that there is an additional guard in Sapienza in the town tower building on the last floor.
However, I will mark my last comment questionable.

Sadly, many extra challenges are missing in Season 2, like the vampire magician and Sniper Assassin one from Sapienza. This is on top of the Escalations and old featured contracts from Season 1.

Would love it if they merged them all in.

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