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No one seems bigger or heavier than 47 since Contracts

Hitman: Contracts


Except that guy in front of 47 and the NPC group he belongs to, they are all bigger then 47. But other then an odd statement what is the purpose of this thread?



«Since Contracts» That’s clear no…


Since it’s in the wishlist I would assume Expert wants more body types in season 2.
I wouldn’t mind this, though it might cause some trouble for disguises if there’s too many of sizes noticably different form 47s.


You have yet to explain what this is about? Hell even 47 in Absolution is a lot more muscular then his earlier versions. Are you saying you want people with different body type or just making a statement.

Could very well be, but there is no real explanation behind his line of thoughts and it ends up like some kind of incoherent nonsens. But yes the game would benefit from having people of different builds then standard lean guy/girl.


I remember that in absolution you couldn’t wear fat coos uniform, so while playing on pro difficulty (if this feature will be implanted in hitman 2016) there will be more fat npcs so there uniform will be unable to wear.


Maybe it would help if you actually took the time and wrote a coherent post, actually trying to explain your though process. Instead of just writing a half sentence and post a picture. It would make everything so much easier to discuss, instead of having to guess what you are on about.


To not mention the animations.


Yeah, I can imagine this not being just a question of potential gameplay effect, but also budget (more animations/mocap needed).


Do you wanna try and you know, be less vague?


Just realized there aren’t any fatties in this game. Absolution had tons.


Ken Morgan is quite fat