Disappointed in the Casual Undercover

Unlike most I was actually really looking forward to it because I was hoping it’d have the really wacky physics H2’s cloaks have. Unfortunately giving it a quick try I noticed it’s rather stiff and only makes little motions. I was hoping for some crazy flip flaps IO

Also the Gunrunner’s challenge icon is wrong

I think I’ve figured out why I was disappointed in it. I expected the coat to go all the way down to 47’s ankles, it only goes to at most his knees. So it’s not even that kind of coat really. Oh well, maybe we’ll get the Arkian Robes or a coat functionally like the AR as an unlock

Also does anyone notice how averse to hats IO is? Only one suit has a hat, the Cashmerian removes the hat from the original disguise, the New Yorker only gets its hat via Easter Egg and originally the Casual Tourist had a hat. There’s more sunglass suits than hats

At least you unlock it I’ll have t wait until the next et to actually unlock because I failed the politician


It really is a curious thing, more hats could help the outfits stand out more. I personally would welcome them.
I think the main problem of Casual Undercover is that it stands in this middle ground between being too dressed up to really be casually undercover and too dressed down to really do anything fancy with it. I can’t help but wonder if it’s a reference to something that I am missing. It would probably look better with a hat to match the coat.

And best of luck for your next ET, Diego.



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Refuge in audacity, friend. They won’t expect the assassin to look like an assassin.

Edit: Forgot to add a reply, my bad.

Of course not, but given that, anything that makes you easier to remember is still bad.

Very true, maybe that’s why the Hot Summer Suit didn’t count for Suit Only, the hat made them remember you.


That’s a nice theory :joy:

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actually four suits has hat: Colorado’s ET unlock, Summer suit, Cowboy suit and Santa suit…

At first, I thought it was a leather jacket. Turns out it was just a reskin of the Cassidy bodyguard’s coat.

But it was alright, I guess.

True, but the Cowboy and Santa suits are goofy, plus the cowboy is only available to those with GOTY. Plus Colorado is Legacy Pack only. And the Santa Suit was only available for a limited time.

Hearing that the CU doesn’t have the stupid physics that makes most of the game’s suits unwearable for me just makes me want it even more lol

What makes me really dissapointed in it is, that like most suits, the black isnt black. When you are ingame, it looks almost blue, a bit purple, even. Just terrible.

Yeah but I’m talking about H2

I for one was hoping “Casual Undercover” was actually a reference to Donnie Brasco…

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