Disconnecting repeatedly today

Today I had planned to attack these 40 contracts required for the new ‘duck’ gun skin, and now it is disconnecting over and over. Literally to the point that I disconnected 19 times in less than 1 minute. I know its not my internet

Download speed 64 MBPS
Upload of 7 - 10 MBPS

The stability of my internet is good, the last time I even had a mild drop-in service was over 3 weeks ago!! What going on? Does anyone know?

Reported various times today.

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Have you found out anything? any answers? this is very annoying to say the least

Only IO can answer that for you.

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Maybe the servers are flooded, but I don’t know exactly.

although that would give a different error message…

exactly. was hoping they had let someone know what was going on

Probably the Black Hat messing around. The scoundrel!

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I thought he was eliminated…he managed to slip through 47’s hands again, that bastard

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@Urben is this a issue that ioi is even working on and if so is there a ETR

I know of nothing more than anyone here, I am no IO employee. :stuck_out_tongue:


They need someone who works for ioi to answer, this is getting old cant even play