Discord Server for fans of Classic Hitman!

Hello everyone, I am once again asking for more members to help grow my discord server. We currently have hitman community members such as:
and more!
If you join and decide that the server isn’t for you, I encourage you to let us know what you dislike by leaving a message in the “server suggestions” channel. We hope to see you on the server!

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A link or a name you might want to share at least?

You’ve already created this topic. There isn’t really a need for a second one.


I created another topic with more information on the server. I will delete the original topic

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Pardon me, I don’t think I can delete it. My bad. I could edit the original topic to contain the updated information, if you believe that would be a good idea.

Editing existing topic of same subject instead of creating a new one is always a good idea