Discourse 101


No idea there, sorry.


No you must copy the web address like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wc4-EqE--eY


it works for you youtube, but which music links does this forum support? I tried from http://pleer.net/ in vain.


Why do you want to make a new thread with just music files?


Why would you think it’s JUST music files? Do you always “help” like this?


Sorry for that. I guess i can’t help you.


Oh shit man, ingrobny’s never felt pain like this before. He’s always so helpful :open_mouth:


hahaha a bit harsh from our new user :cry:, but i will survive, maybe i was too sceptical, but i have never seen anybody use music files here before? Just music videos :smiley:.


that link does not work, any help?


The archive had to be shut down a month or two ago. It isn’t available anymore.


thank you …


Has anyone had a bug with Discourse when an inbox message notification stays active after you’ve seen it?


Is it still active?
Have you checked if it’s also active if you use another device?
Has never happened to me and can’t find any discourse thread about it.


Heh, seems fixed. Might just be a delayed thing.

Have another device in sleep mode, so that may also have caused it.

Anyway, all fixed now.


I’ve had that a couple of times. You can get rid of it by clicking “dismiss all” in your notifications panel.


I’ve used other forum software in the past, and I’m curious as to why everyone likes this forum interface better than others (i.e: IPBoard, vBulletin, Xenforo, etc.)


I will have to ask you to define this term. So long as the administration finds this interface fitting, we havento accept it if we wish to be a part of this community. I for one have never used any of the platforms you mention but I am quite happy with this one. Particularly because of the trust levels.


good point. i guess i welcome any thoughts, positive or negative, whether you like the forum layout or not…


@ampburner, why can’t I upload a pic from the mobile website? If I change to desktop mode on my iPhone, I can then upload. It’s just a hassle to do that cuz then I have to close the page and start ad new tab and reload the hitman forum page again to go back to mobile version.

Also, if I start from the bottom of a high post count thread, if I want to go back to find an older post, it has to reload once I get to a certain point. But once it reloads, it sometimes shoots me way up past a bunch of posts. For example. I start on post 2000. So I want to go back up and find an old post. As I’m scrolling up, it gets to s certain point (post 1,950 for example), so it has to reload old posts, Once it reloads the old posts, it’s doesn’t let me continue from the post I just was, it shoots me right up to the top of the reloaded old posts. So if I’m at post 1,940 when I try loads, it shoots me up to 1,890 (for example). It’s very annoying and hard to remember where I just was because you don’t know when the old posts will reload.



Nothing of what you just described happens for me.
Using Google Chrome on Android.
Scrolled 300+ posts manually​.