Discourse 101


Did you read the part where I said “iPhone”? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
We use safari.


I do not have apple devices. May I suggest you download another browser? I bet Mozilla and Opera are downloadable from the istore right?


Ya I’ve tried other browsers. They just don’t work “right” with an apple device how safari does. Safari was made for apple and it works great for it. It’s kinda like using safari on pc. It’s just doesn’t work right.

Plus I have all my tabs and bookmarks and such saved over the years on my browser. And the UI is amazing.

It’s kinda like a Mac. Once you love a Mac, you can’t use a pc anymore. I’ve used other phones before my iPhone and even had a Samsung Galaxy Note4 for work while also having my iPhone for personal use. I just don’t like “the other guy’s” UI. To me, apple does everything right.

BUT, isn’t this thread about improving discourse? You don’t use iPhone so suggesting for me to do something else doesn’t improve my (and others) experience using an iPhone on safari. We want to be happy too, ya know? :grin:


For questions and discussion regarding features of Discourse I think it’s better to have those at http://meta.discourse.org because they can actually make changes to the Discourse platform.


Hi, i’m new to this forum, made my acc yesterday and what I love the most is a chance to post my contract to the “Member contracts” topic and in that way share mine and doing the contract from other players.
The problem is that today I can’t post it anymore because it’s says that I’m new member, fresh meat :slight_smile: which is fine I get that but can you tell me when would I be able to post/replay my contract there again?


Just want to mention that I figured out (by accident) that I can upload pics from the mobile version on this forum. Just hit “upload”. Man, I feel like a dummee. Hehe.


Noticed this in an unpinned thread.

The thread watching/tracking/normal/muted is ever so slightly overlapping.


Thanks @HHCHunter! fixed it!


No wukkas m8 :stuck_out_tongue:

Out of pure curiosity was it a discourse update that did it? Or was it like that before and I just didn’t notice until now?


CTRL + refresh?

It’s an update in Discourse that conflicts with our stylesheet (which was already there)


Is there any way to see my profile without just going to a post of mine and clicking my name? And how do you log out?


nevermind I got it. There’s a tiny, tiny, tiny, invisible square above the 3 lines in the top right corner that you have to click.




double kek




When you get around to it, the Unpinned and Tracking thread styles have been broken for a while now I think.


Can’t reproduce on windows (chrome or firefox), can you give me some more information?


Looks fine to me on my laptop with Windows 10 and Google Chrome.


There is no answer, it just seems to happen sometimes.


Have you read new threads? Posted regularly? Gotten likes? Given them? Got flagged?


Yes to all but being flagged.