Discourse 101


Happened to me too


Think it might have been a Palemoon Browser specific issue.
Switched to firefox nightly and it’s not really a problem.

Also a new issue may have arisen recently with a google authentication window popping up, when not using a google account to login. Not sure if anyone else has noticed.

I checked the meta.discourse site and there hasn’t been any recent posts about google auth integration for discourse. So i’m presuming this is possibly an issue.


Does anyone else get redirected to hitmanforum.com**//** the first time they try to access the site? Been happening a while now.


No. But I had it happen when I clicked your link. Weird.


Yeah I got the same message


Weird,I didn’t even like many posts.


Happen to me as well, when i was about to like your posts @Opal_Hitman and @AGENT_58, so i guess no likes to anybody from me before this problem is sorted out :joy:.


Happens to me as well,must be a glitch


This is also true for me.

Admins @ampburner @Jarbinger

Hell, even tagging @Falco @sam.saffron and company for all I know.

We need a solution. I cannot like nor remove previous likes.

BTW the discourse team may need a group of their own, similar to “Formerly IOI” or “Moderators”.

EDIT: Aaaaaaand it’s solved.


Yeah, sorry about that, was a bug that lasted some hours, but we pushed a fix as soon as possible.


I have no idea who the “discourse team” may be.

Also glad to see you guys just had time sort this out.

And before the promised 4 years, nine months and some change!


Sorry for the low quality, but moving to the point.

When I press the “Show More” button under my posts on HMF, it shows the normal buttons (flag & bookmark), but it also shows a spanner button that shows the message “Post admin actions” when hovering over it. When I click it, it shows “Admin” and a button labeled “Make Wiki”. I also see an arrow button after I make a wiki saying “Begin composing a reply to this post” when I hover over it, and on the far right is a button that says “Edit” with a symbol that appears when a person edits their post after 5 minutes.

Notex… I’M POPPY


And i can edit your post @Opal_Hitman , by just click on the edit button:

weird, but the edit option is not here:


Probably because I made it a wiki :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a wiki now

Hidden Valley Lover: Oh that’s dope,so I can edit it too?AWESOME

Opal Hitman: Yeah you can

MrBurn4488: I love Hitman Absolution

Opal Hitman: Burn. No.

MrBurn4488: Was trying to make you say it

Opal Hitman: Edited out your post, git rekt m8

Supernova: This is dangerous, interesting and entertaining.

Travis: spooky

Supernova: We know it was you Silverballer… don’t impersonate @Travis_IOI

HiddenValleyLover: I like big butts and I cannot lie


@sam.saffron @Falco @eviltrout @supermathie @erlend_sh @techAPJ is this new or have we just missed out the whole time?


@FantumX this might be useful for your locations list.


It’s been available for a while!


Two and a half years :heart:!


Well, for a long time today I wasn’t able to post or anything. All I could do was browse and like (thought a notification popped up saying I couldn’t). Apparently the site was in “Read Only Mode”?

Well, it’s gone now, but the header’s ruined. It’s just black now.


Maybe it’s because Hitman 2016, don’t have this red and black map thing anymore?

Yes, if they update discourse or something happens it will be in read only mode.


I was automatically logged off from all my devices today, too. So yeah it seems logical that Discourse may have been patched or something.

@Falco would you or anyone from the team be as kind as to tell us what’s new?


Not that it helps anyone, but I had to allow a new script in my Firefox add-on Noscript to make HMF working. It is named discourse-cdn-sjc2.com.

When you click on that thing it says

This is a fast, cookieless domain intended for static content hosted by discourse.org

So… something like this. Always like new things that work without cookies, although I had no problem without that new script before too.