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We had to move the site to a new server space to ensure stable hosting for some customers, and hitmanforum was one of the moved sites.

This our cookieless CDN domain, for the new server space I mentioned.


Just wanted to know, was there ever an issue or something with likes? Because I’ve seen a lot of users’ most liked posts showing more likes than they actually have. Same happened to me.

Wanted to address this issue because I thought it was odd and that something in the system broke or was hacked.


The topic likes are the sum of all likes in that topic, including posts of other people. As you created frequently visited discussions there, rating them this way makes sense.


Ohhhh, alright. That makes sense now. Thank you.


HMF was on read-only just minutes ago. Odd. But fast.

And then it was again.


What’s with all the Wishlist threads appearing?
Main page says the newest activity was within the past few hours, but each thread’s latest comment is from back in 2015.

(posting image incase the problem is just on my side… for some reason)


That’s because people don’t search after threads before they start a new one, the same is with people having problems with downloading Hitman content, even @Travis_IOI made a thread where people could post their problems with Hitman, episodes and upgrade to GOTY :flushed:.


How did you make the text bigger?


Anyone else having issues on mobile with post scrolling? Made a quick screen capture directly off my iPhone using safari. iPhone is 6s plus and updated.
Seems to also happen with Firefox browser and it’s been like this for about a week or 2.


I’ve always had that problem on my phone, I just assume its not optimised for phone scrolling? or safari in general?


Never had that problem personally.I use android,could be something related to iphone


But like I said, it never was like this for me up until a week or so ago.


I have noticed same issue only recently on iPhone. Your not alone.