Discourse 101


I use Android and quoting sometimes does,and sometimes doesnt work (it mostly doesnt work though).


It’s never worked for me using Firefox on Android.

That’s the only browser I’ve tried it on on Android.


Have you tried using Dolphin?


If the quote feature isn’t working for you, the best thing I can do to help you would be to redirect you to http://meta.discourse.org and put in a bug report


Plz add the Bateson’s exclusive voice that he had given you for the forum a long time ago. Can’t remember it quite well.


What happened to the forum? I used to come back here all the time for the great convos and hitman talk. Now the site looks like shit and everyone’s accounts are gone. Where are all those posts? I hope someone archived them… there was tons of hitman history in there.




Do you guys have a group that play on a dedicated server form here? Or? I wouldnt mind getting on set up, i dont mind taking care of getting hold of the server? I think this German compay here do a good server dedicated tariff. Any thoughts?


Ah, good stuff.

xxxxx < because character limit. Sucks balls btw.


Well this new mobile site seems like a bit of a downgrade


Woah – what just happened?


New version of discourse I guess. Don’t like it.


Eh. We’ll get used to it in no time.


Yeah-it has some sort of old design.Like something from early 2000s.At least on phone it looks weird.


Some bugs I noticed.


…it’s a feature! Progressive art.

Oh, this update is why everything looks a bit wonky on my desktop and doesn’t load some images etc. Too scared to check mobile.


Normally on my iPhone I always get the mobile version. Now I’m getting the desktop version and I’m like what the hell?


Hey guys,

this is probably related to the upgrade to Discourse v1.4

I will investigate :smile:


This XX Days later feature is fancy


Why is this the only site using this software? Is it too expensive? I’m sure if the unofficial Hitman forum can afford to run Discourse, so can the big names like Sony and Bandai Namco. This forum is amazing; live updating, neat features. It’s either ignorance or bandwidth related.