Discourse 101


I think this software is relatively new and many forum admins probably don’t want to change forum style they used for many years (or maybe they haven’t heard about it yet).
I agree though.Live updating is really good,especially when some new crowded thread appears that has a lot of replies-you don’t have to keep refreshing the page like you’d have to do on some other forums.

Also this is one of rare forums that’s equally functional on both mobile and PC.


Discourse is the best forum system I have ever seen. It has everything that is needed.

Except for the retarded 20 character limit. Yes! RETARDED


Did you know you can break the 20 Char limit with a 1x1 pixel image?

Will post magic below



Where do you get a 1x1 pic? Unless you got one on your bookmarks.

I just do _________________________________________


Make one in Photoshop, Paint, or even GIMP.
Wouldn’t advise doing it too often, because your uploading worthless bytes to the hosting server.
@ampburner, we need a Hitman Forum donate button I swear.

But yeah, Discourse is awesome.
Hopefully it becomes more prevalent.


You can upload it once and use it forever.


It is a little more resource hungry than a lot of other forum software, and last I checked it didn’t really support importing old posts etc across.

Part of the reason we have it is because @ampburner is a huge nerd works in IT and thus is a regular at StackOverflow (this software is a spinoff project) and liked it for various conceptual reasons that are… not necessarily shared by a lot management groups. It also doesn’t have some features that various people might consider essential.

Community Management does tend to get treated as a low priority by a lot of companies and often has to compete with Marketing for funding, so it can be hard for them to get nice things unless it’s incorporated into a marketing campaign. At one point the official Hitman sites used to just link to Hitmanforum rather than have their own boards, so having forums at all is an upgrade from those days.

Hopefully a few companies will overcome these hurdles and realize the glory of Discourse soon.


New header image?

Feels to tall.
We need something a little more spicy. If it wasn’t 3:40am right now.


Yeah the banner is fucked up, badly.


Yeah Pretty much… Also some options are missing such as the IO Tracker


I love you people and your constructive criticism


Speaking of which, this Discourse has really grown on me. I recently saw an old timey forum, and it was so jarring to read post after post seven word sentences of little substance, and every post had a unique signature that filled half the screen. It was ludicrous in comparison.

At least here the inanity isn’t followed by a fresco of vanity.


Same. Forums that use pages in threads piss me off infinitely now; the infinite scrolling here is pretty rad.

Also @ampburner do you want a transparent 47 like the old one to use as the forum background? If not it’s cool, just thought it looked like that’s what you were going for with the new background.


Oh, my God, everything is fucking yellow!


“AU get outta here!”

[Spoiler] Yes, that was a gold pun [/Spoiler]


@ampburner i was thinking, now that the forum have changed it’s colours of notifications icon. Would it not be neat to streamline it a bit more and make it red? instead of yellow. Yellow just looks so odd, compared to blue.


Red+White would look perfect.


Text yellow, background brown with purple spots for a winning combination.


All of us requesting in out inputs… maybe if we do this or that… But cant do anything about the forum’s new change. and @ampburner is just watching us all like…