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The ''yellow" was actually an attempt to go “Blood Money” gold accents

Red would look cool, but in user interface terms it is usually associated with the “error” messag, so that’s a no go.

Think I should turn it back to blue?


The more you know, i had no idea it was to mimic BM.

Yeah, i think blue is better, yellow really seems odd :confused:

But they it’s your forum, so if you like it, You can always force us to like it.


Make it the way you like it. Artistic with new/old vibe. Change is good.



happy now, @Mads47? :wink:


Has the backgrounding on the root changed or am I losing my marbles?


Not to be rude, but i don’t see the difference? :open_mouth: it still looks yellow to me.


really? could you CTRL + F5 and post a screenshot?


Sure i just need a notification and i’ll give you the goods.


Well it’s still not red, if that is it. Still Yellow/orange :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there an option for users to hide topic categories (e.g Hitman 2016, Hitman Blood Money etc. etc.) that I’m missing? Or is that just not a feature on Discourse?

Also that flag button really should be improved, I’ll probably get banned for posting this or something but I genuinely believe that some of the posts users are flagging have literally nothing wrong with them. That’s not say there are some legitimate flag worthy posts e.g @Stalker. I’m not just saying this because I’m butthurt about my genius and amazingly intellectual post wondering if Quinn <3s me or not but I feel like it’s gotten to the point where it’s like posts are getting flagged because of a difference of opinion. Maybe have it so flagged posts by users aren’t immediately hidden and moderators get a notification to check out that post and approve it to be flagged? Is there even an unflag option that moderators have access to?

Not sure if you even have the ability to change any of this stuff amp so it’s cool if you can’t I suppose.

So Jarbinger decided to ban my account for no reason

You can select individual categories to look at them one at a time via the dropdowns above the topics or in the top right.

All posts that get flagged get flagged for moderator review - that’s why it’s called flagging. Posts that are flagged by multiple members or that are confirmed as requiring action by a moderator are hidden. All the information about how to unhide them etc is included in the automatic message that’s sent whenever your post is flagged.

If you think that you’re being flagged too often - then you should review the forum guidelines.


Thanks for the help, I guess going switching categories one by one is better than nothing haha

I sense a bit of sass in this post. Not to de-rail but I wanna make it clear that the reason I brought up this issue isn’t because I think I’m getting flagged too much. Like I said in my original reply I suppose you could say I disagree with some of what’s being flagged… I totally respect you moderators and understand that what you have to say is final and I mean no disrespect when I say this but I think some of the stuff that’s being flagged is undeserved of it. e.g: The Beta was my first Hitman Game ever - here’s my feedback

Amir was just suggesting that maybe people should read between the lines further before coming to the conclusion that the post actually is worth a flag (which, I’ll admit, is the case for 70% of the time). He wasn’t even calling anyone names (which because of my loud, obnoxious nature I did; hence the flag on my post) or saying anything even REMOTELY offensive yet he was still flagged.

As I’ve said already I 100% mean no disrespect to the mods and for that matter ANY of the forum members but I think this is an issue that should be looked into…


Firstly there is a strange misconception that posts are flagged based off being “offensive”.

This is not the case, posts are flagged off being off-topic, inappropriate or otherwise against the forum guidelines. The guidelines and the Discourse software are all are crafted with the focus of creating an environment where everyone feels free and eager to participate in great discussion.

A guaranteed way to ensure that doesn’t happen, is for forum members to assume that they’re above the rules and that if they do something and people don’t like it - they should just double down and make it everyone else’s problem. That’s what Amir is doing in that thread, that’s why I linked you to the thread I made on “so your post has been flagged”. As you can see, Amir is pretty much just concerned with getting the last word.

It is true that perhaps many people don’t get the sarcasm, that’s not their problem. Text is a limited medium and when you post in it, you need to respect that just like you need to respect things like you’re posting on an international forum, the forum language is English, spoiler tags, etc.

The other guaranteed way to choke quality conversation is to flood the threads where people are trying to talk with bullshit, derail into off topic territory, troll people by bringing up topics you know are pet peeves, etc. This is why there’s a flag for off topic and “other”. Motivations for doing so can range from deliberate malice to people simply assuming it’s The Internet so there are no consequences and they want to act up like they’re afraid to in everyday life.

This is not a matter of a little side joke in a thread, a reference to a fellow forum member, etc. And if you do get a flag for that because your’e going off topic etc, it’s pretty easy to go back and edit your post. You can create a new thread or post in another thread and link to it, you can decide your post didn’t contribute anything and just delete it etc.

It contributes to the forum, makes things good for everyone and sets a good example for new members. This last aspect is particularly relevant when in less than two weeks we are expecting a massive slew of new members - and the moderating staff doesn’t want to be spending all their time sending messages in response to “but what about when … did it” - believe it or not, we’d like to have time to play the game too.

Flagging happens more often than warns or other types of feedback in other software because flagging is easily dealt with by editing your post - you have the power to fix it.

It is my sincere hope that it will mean that I spend a significantly less amount of time going through and digging through otherwise good threads to remove attacks at members (and IO-Interactive), random BS, office topic BS and personal fights in public places than I did when Absolution came out.


How do I add a signature to my posts?


You don’t.


Well that is a shame, because I was gonna add this


I’m new here and I really love the mobile format. I have an icon shortcut on my home screen that links directly here and everything just flows together nicely.


Sorry if I’m repeating something already mentioned but while using my phone Samsung S3 I loose all the features when I reply. I can type that’s it no emoticons, options to add links etc. Is there a way round this on android im on chrome. Its fine on my girlfriends iphone 6 and my ipad.

Edit: also I cant tag people :-(.


No options like that in Discourse’s mobile version at the moment. You’ll have to format your post manually if you want to link text to websites, among other things. Tagging should work.


I noticed I cant tag people ether is there no way round that ether? Its not the end of the world I’m mostly on my Ipad its just when I’m at work. @watson