Discourse 101


Ok you edited your post I didn’t notice yes it works just doesn’t give me the drop down box where you can select names thanks for the reply.


did discourse get a minor update? i just got a badge for my “first emoji” right after making a post with a frowning emoticon, even though i’ve used emojis before on this website.


Yeah, a few things look different.







This forum lies. I despise every single one of you with every inch of my body.
I demand this badge be taken off my profile


Please tell me you yelled, “You’re not my mom!” at the software.


Yeah I noticed that too I got like four badges at once. On a side not sure this is the place to post it but it’s about the forum software so I guess it’s at least semi relivent. I seem to have problems clicking on threads and often the badge in the top left corner to go back to the home page. I often have to do lots of refreshing to get links to work. This happens on all my devices and the forum crashes rather often too. It’s no big deal as it reloads straight away but just wondered.


yup, I updated from 1.4x to 1.5. No major changes as far as I can tell,


Is there away to see numbers exactly under summary?. Instead of just 2.8k post created, i’m more into seeing the hole number.


hover your mouse over the number, it will show the exact number.


I see, now i can count every time i get an upvote and it will help fuel my narcissistic nature.


I want this put on my gravestone.


That feeling when a self proclaimed “massive prick” is a regular and you aren’t



Perfect day for you to discover this.



I guess I’m the only one having problems as my post was ignored oh well nothing major anyway just an annoyance.

Edit: All the features work much better on the mobile version now since the update. This is not linked with my previous post though just saying.


Oh apparently there was something in my calendar about bringing the end of days on to our world, marked for yesterday. Well it seems like i forgot to do that, that what happens when your caught up looking at cats on the internet.


The world has been saved by funny cat videos on YouTube hallelujah.


more like


Is that you calling Quinn a girl? Poor guy never gets a break from his haters.



20 chars aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa