Discourse 101


Is there a way to change my timezone of replies and posts? For me, after seeing a new reply, the site defaults to saying it was posted 1h ago.


I have the same problem. Except mine defaults it to saying it was posted 11 mins ago.


Is it just me or does the forum crash a lot? I always get a message pop up saying unexpected error then I refresh the page and it’s fine. Another thing is that I have to click the Hitman logo several times most of the time to get back to the home page. One last thing I often find I can’t open topics and have to refresh the page before I can again. I don’t see how it could just be me as it happens on my iPad and my phone but who knows.


Haven’t noticed any crashes at all, honestly. How often does this happen to you?


All the time but as it just reloads instantly near enough it’s not too much bother unless I’m mid way through a post :smile:. I don’t get it because it happens on my phone which is Samsung running on chrome and my iPad running on safari strange I’m the only one :disappointed:.


not sure, I think those things should be timezone-independent.

you can ask here if you really want to know


Does anyone else get

“post admin actions”
“Make Wiki”

when looking at more options for posts?


Yup. They’re probably just special actions for the mods. Would be nice to know what they do though


Wiki posts are ones intended to be edited by others - if you’re doing a big technical project with multiple people etc it lets them edit their own section while tracking who does what etc.

Not particularly useful to the average Hitmanforum post.


After latest update whenever there is some hidden post because it’s been flagged I have to click (on my phone) “view hidden content” two times in order to read that post.Not really a big problem,but weird to see it happen…


I have to click it twice on my PC as well. I thought it was always like that.


On phone I remember it wasn’t like that before.I rarely use PC so I can’t say…


When you post something, does it say it was posted 11 mins ago immediately after posting? Because that’s what happens to me.


Same,happens to me too.
On very rare occasions it says “posted 1 min ago”


Yes I’ve seen this questioned before. Might have something to do with time zones although it’s weird. A minute is a minute no matter where you are.


I have to click almost everything twice to get it to work :smile:. Also half the time I have to reload the main page several times before it will let me open a topic no idea why it’s the same on my phone and iPad.


@Jarbinger is there a reason why this happens? Is there something in the settings we have to change?


It has to do with how Discourse renders pages - basically instead of doing things the old fashioned way of creating a new page ever time you click, it used JavaScript/Dynamic HTML to update the page in live time and since that’s incredibly complicated they tend to let small bugs like “ten minutes ago” etc slide.


Oh okay. It’s not a huge deal. I was just wondering why. Thx for the reply.


This is what’s been happening to me today all of a sudden. Anybody else experiencing this? Like @Mr.Reaper said, It’ll crash but when I refresh it’s fine.