Discourse 101


I’m not alone :open_mouth: was beginning to think it was just me.


Well, it just started happening today…So I’m not sure if its on my end or the forum’s.


It’s been happening to me pretty much since I signed up whenever that was.


What platforms is it happening on? (mobile device, Chrome on PC, Chrome on Mac, etc)


I’m on PC. Windows 10. Google Chrome.


Safari on both iPad and iPhone and also chrome on Samsung Phone.


Can’t find anything about it in the Discourse forums etc, could be a temporary issue with the servers.

@Vinnie_Sinistra is it happening regularly?


It’s only been happening today. Like every 10-15 mins.


I don’t know if it’ll actually help but in Chrome if you hit F12 and then click on the Network tab.

It’ll bring up the list of calls/loads, etc. If you get an error you should get a red entry in the “name” section and clicking on that should give you details, there’ll also be details in the section below.

These happen from time to time (usually without any real effect), but if you post a screencap of the one that links to the unexpected error we can at least check if it’s Discourse core functions or some option we can adjust.


Isn’t temporary for me but I can live with it so oh well I guess.


I’m hoping it’s something simple we can adjust but I don’t know how to activate the DOM tools in Safari and don’t think they’re available in Chrome mobile.


Not really seeing a red error but this is whats happening



That isn’t good.

Thanks, I’ll chase this up and see if I can find any info.


99% of the time it says unexpected error and just reloads the page I’m on nothing major but does get annoying especially mid post.


That sounds like it’s an issue with the general polling it does to check for new messages, notifications, etc.

However that basically covers a lot of ground because it uses that for… basically everything.


Thanks. Hopefully it’s an easy fix.


This is what I get I could just be reading or writing a post and this happens.


Is this still happening? Will dig around in the server log files


Yes. It crashed on me last night.


Yep happens all the time.