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Hmm… I think it makes sense to set up a chatroom or something along the lines of such. There’s the Steam group but no-one ever makes use of the group chat, plus it kind of excludes the console players. I could set up either an IRC channel or a Discord server, former would be more old-school, latter is more similar to TeamSpeak/Skype. Let me know which you’d favor.

E: Updated link


I favour Discord because I actually use it currently.


Discord channel is a good idea.


Currently the link results in

“The instant invite is invalid or has expired”


It doesn’t work for me either


@FrankFuchs @Agent_58 you need to be registered and verify your account via email on Discord to enter the chat room. We had spam accounts joining earlier in the day so Lilith changed permissions


@EricTheAussie I registered and still can’t join :disappointed:


Did you verify your discord account?


Yup and I still get this message.


Yup, verified.


Weird indeedy. Hopefully one of the mods in the chat room has a solution


How exactly do I enter your chat or find you?
Because that link does nothing for me


Try this one maybe?

Not my chat btw familam


I have a verified account. Can’t get in to the chatroom.


I think the code might have expired.


Same with me

[quote=“EricTheAussie, post:156, topic:48”]
Try this one maybe?
[/quote]Doesn’t work on phone.I’ll try from my PC later


Dunno 'bout this one boyz. You’ll have to wait for Lilith to reply to you


A working link had migrated over reddit side


I’m in. But my messages are getting automatically blocked.


Are you verified and registered?

Are you in the “general” chat room?