Discourse 101


Same here. Can’t text anything


Yes to the first question. I don’t know about the second one. I just followed FrankFuchs link.


To the left of the screen you should see a section that says “text channels”

Make sure you’re on the “general” channel and not the “welcome” channel


Well I’ve got a ten minute timer before allowed to post, I’ll try in four if I can post. Should be able to…


Oh yes, now I see the 10 minute timer. Guess I’ll just wait it out.


Yes. I’m in the general one.

Edit: oh a timer? Guess I’ll wait it out.


Joined but I can’t post.
Doesn’t tell me anything about 10 minutes,just that I’m blocked


well you are on mobile, wait for 10 minutes and it might work


Here’s the pic


@AGENT_58 I saw you briefly typing there, but I suppose you wouldn’t get through yet. It’s a relatively young app, there might be some kinks, even though it’s generally pretty great


After restarting an app now it tells me I have to wait 10 minutes


If we get this sorted in a stable manner we could post a separate thread to invite people over to Discord


@AGENT4T7 get your butt in here.


So I’ve lost my regular privileges for being a naughty boy. Just as a general question - is it possible to get them back after a period of time or am I permanently stuck as “member” level scum?

Also R.I.P @Joe_Clarence75


Gonna miss that guy :frowning2:


I have no doubt he will come back as another account. Or maybe get his old one back by contacting the admins.


Ban hammer has been strong lately. Better walk on egg shells.


Wondering why he got banned… I checked his posts from after he was unsuspended and didn’t notice anything wildly offensive. Just complaining about the lack of features in neo-Hitman

Perhaps a mod can clarify? Did you guys just get fed up with him or something?


A mod clarified… But not here… In a place you used to be… but are not anymore.

You peasant Member


Tell the truth now - have you boys been bad mouthing me in that thread? :stuck_out_tongue:

Interested in the reasoning behind the ban. I guess I’ll just wait and see if a mod wants to post it here