Discourse Forum Bug - Reply [solved]

This may be more related to Discourse, rather than these particular forums. But I encounter it often.
When replying to a post (or creating a topic), the editor simply doesn’t open.
A way around that is to close the tab and open it again. Sometimes it works on the first try, sometimes the operation has to be done 5, 6 or more times. (I’ve found that “open in new tab” works best for when viewing topics)

There is another forum I also frequent that uses Discourse and I experience the same bug there. I’ve tried this with multiple browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

Edit: Now solved. The problem was entirely in the PEBCAK-protocol.

It’s not a bug I’m aware off, do you use any browser addons/extensions that you use on all three browsers?

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Yeah sounds like this more needs to be forwarded to Discourse itself. But I also had no such issue yet. Do you use any browser extensions that might alter the forum’s scripts?

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I don’t have this issue either, never had:

I’m using Google Chrome, no add-ons, laptop with Win 10.

I mainly use Firefox, for which i have a bunch of noscript-addons and adblockers running, so that one I know may not be optimal. I kind of expect sites not to function 100% when the browser is that heavily modded.

I am however experiencing it on browsers without addons as well.
Same with the other forum. Switched browers for that sitefor that specific reason and it went OK for a couple of days until the issue started appearing in Chrome as well. Then I switched to Edge, and it went ok for a few days again until that one started showing the same symptoms.
I haven’t tried Opera yet.

Did a quick googlesearch and it appears it is not an uncommon error with Discourse, I mostly posted to see if anyone else had the same issues I had, that’s all.

Man, just install Adguard and you gonna get rid of almost all ads on the Net.
I would’ve advised you to migrate to Opera browser as it has it’s own built-in VPN and it’s own built-in adblocker.
And with combination of Adguard+Opera adblock you’ll forget that ads are exist as class on Internet

Make sure to mark the hitmanforum.com script as trusted.

When I activate the adblocker I use in Firefox (uBlock Origin) I have no issue. I have also other add ons activated here that don’t cause an issue. See if the forum works on a vanilla Firefox. And then narrow down which plugin is causing the issue.

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Thanks for the feedback. It has become apparent that this was clearly on my end.

Turned out I had StumbleUpon added to FireFox, but I somehow also managed to add it to Chrome as well. Doesn’t explain why the issues also occured in Edge (but again, that’s an MS-browser :slight_smile: ), but I removed StumbleUpon and haven’t experienced the editor not opening again. Neither here or on the other forums.

I did see other posts reporting the same issue when I googled, so I thought Discourse, but judging by my own experience it was most likely their own browsers as well.

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