Discover Colorado not unlocking - Freedom Fighters


Anyone else having issues with unlocking discover Colorado on the Hitman 2 Legacy Pack? I have uncovered all areas on each level of Freedom Fighters and it says I have one location left on the challenge feat. However, there are no location markers left on the map. I also completed The Vecter hoping that would do the trick, but it did not. Is this a bug? Or am I missing something… a hidden area?

Locations Discovered BUG



This is a known bug, you’re not alone.


Have they announced any fixes for this bug?


‘Discover [location]’ challenge is bugged.
They haven’t announced a thing, but let’s hope they will fix it in upcoming update.
After all, Photobomb challenge they fixed in the last patch.


Alright, thanks. I am glad it is a bug. I didn’t want to spend more time on that map looking for a hidden location lol. Hopefully they fix it soonish. I’m a completionist when it comes to the Hitman Franchise.


Be aware, this challenge won’t unlock in any location.
So don’t spend your time to achieve it till they fix it


I actually have all the other discover challenges complete in all the other locations from both Hitman 2016 Legacy Pack and Hitman 2. It was just in Colorado that I experienced this bug.