Discover Colorado not unlocking - Freedom Fighters

Anyone else having issues with unlocking discover Colorado on the Hitman 2 Legacy Pack? I have uncovered all areas on each level of Freedom Fighters and it says I have one location left on the challenge feat. However, there are no location markers left on the map. I also completed The Vecter hoping that would do the trick, but it did not. Is this a bug? Or am I missing something… a hidden area?

This is a known bug, you’re not alone.

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Have they announced any fixes for this bug?

‘Discover [location]’ challenge is bugged.
They haven’t announced a thing, but let’s hope they will fix it in upcoming update.
After all, Photobomb challenge they fixed in the last patch.

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Alright, thanks. I am glad it is a bug. I didn’t want to spend more time on that map looking for a hidden location lol. Hopefully they fix it soonish. I’m a completionist when it comes to the Hitman Franchise.

Be aware, this challenge won’t unlock in any location.
So don’t spend your time to achieve it till they fix it

I actually have all the other discover challenges complete in all the other locations from both Hitman 2016 Legacy Pack and Hitman 2. It was just in Colorado that I experienced this bug.

hello, I have same problem.

This issue is due to be addressed in the next update.

It’s rather frustrating. So many are experiencing this bug. Support knows about it and hopefully will be addressed soon.

Check out the new patch post,its gonna be fixed tmr

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Im having that same issue in Sapienza 46 of 47 on hitman 2 i have hit every area.

hello guys, is it fixed for you after last update? because for me it is worse, I had discovered areas 20/21 on colorado, now I have 0/21… and it is stuck again :smiley:

It reset for me as well. So the only thing I can think to do is, do all the ares once again and hope that it works. If not the problem was just made worse.

If you don’t have any undiscovered area icons on the map then you’ll get the challenge completed when you exit the mission

20190301_082045 screenshot is from 1st March

bullshit, still got this bug/ 15/21. Can’t unlock this

Same problem here, in multiple locations.

After the fix, I got reduced to 0/21. Previously had been stuck 20/21.
PS4 here.

So many bugs :frowning: