Discover Isle of Sgail

I don’t seem to be able to get the discovery challenge to pop in this location, I’ve done all the feats and challenges and there are no more icons on the map showing undiscovered rooms / locations but the meter says 46 / 49. It’s the only thing left to do on the map. Feel like I’ve ran around the entire map at least twice trying to see if it triggers another location discovery but nothing. Anyone else experienced this or have any ideas?

Have you played the escalation on Sgail before? If yes, the challenge might have bugged out, it’s a common issue. No fix for it as of yet, but IO are aware of it.

I have done the escalation yes, hopefully a fix will be issued when the next elusive target drops. Thanks for the heads up.

Guys is there a trick to find the 25th elite guard when doing the kill run as a knight? I’ve already tried 3 times and every time get stuck on 24/25. I checked for personal guards of Washintons and the Constant, but they are all alone when I’m on 24/25. I usually start at the penthouse and clean from top to bottom. Eventually I will die to the last standard guards.

Have you killed the Elite Guard in the warehouse? I think that was the last one I found.

No, good hint,. I will have a look, thanks.

Happy hunting, Agent.