Discover Marrakesh

Hello, I have a problem with a challenge “Discover Marrakesh” in a legacy pack for Hitman 2.
I am stuck at 22/23 discovered areas.
I have checked my map multiple times if an icon would pop-up.
And walked through the level atleast 3 times.
Can anybody help me with suggestions where i should look for last “hidden” area?
I am trying to 100% the game and that is the only thing left for me in Marrakesh.

Thank you in advance, IK.

I think Discover challenges are bugged.
There are bunch of threads about undiscovered areas in Sgail, in Hawkes Bay, in Santa Fortuna, etc.

You may have to wait till the next update, which will roll out approx on 22nd of Jan.
Hopefully in that patch they will fix it


Thank you very much for the replay. I will wait and see. I wasn’t sure if its a bug or i just missed something.
Spent quite some time walking around in both maps “A Gilded Cage” and “A house built on sand”.
I even saved my game before exit, and used every exit possible thinking they might trigger it once used. :smiley:

Usually there is a mark on undiscovered area on the big level map.
Somebody told that he ran through every corner of the map twice, but still this challenge is locked for him, and there are no marked area left for him.
So, with a high possibility you might say this is a bug.
Thus, we only have to wait

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Man, same here but I’m stuck at 17/23…I have been walking around in the 2 missions and the 2 escalations to see if I find the remaining locations but it is a no go…I’m so pissed! any ideas? Were you ever able to complete it?

Anybody any news? Shows 17/23 but there are no more locations anywhere, I read some other people stuck at 7/23 even after completing all other challenges, makes no sense at all

Unfortunately no news.
People saying it was fixed before the last patch, but the last patch seems broke it again.
So, still waiting…

I really don’t understand why they don’t just remove these challenges, they’re fucking worthless anyway. nobody that isn’t interested in exploring the whole map is going to be incentivised by a challenge

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I more don’t understand why to release unpolished game…
Furthermore: after each next patch the game becomes more unpolished…

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Fyi all guys. Just tested on another profile on ps4 and got the 23/23 with no issues, from scratch, so it must be a bug that occurs when this challenge is completed mixed up with another one. The problem is that there are no more locations to discover and my profile is game is at 99% because of this shi… there is no way to reset the challenge like to start over…fu…this sh…

Just reported via twitter to IO with pictures of both stuck profile and the no completion profile but with challenge completed. I’m pissed…

I logged in today for the Elusive target and checked Marrakesh real quick. My challenge “Discover Marrakesh” is now complete by just loading in the mission and going out.

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yup!! they fixed it. However I did not see it completed at once, I went into the mission, did nothing, and got out and then the challenge was completed.