Discover Paris Challenge

Hi, i’m playing in PS4 and i can’t complete the Discover Paris challenge, i’ve complete 38/39 locations and the last one doesn’t appear in the map as missing location, it’s a bug or it’s simply a hidden spot that i have to find by my own?

Nobody can.
On any platform and on any location. Despite of today’s patch.
It wasn’t fixed. Now we wait until at least February…

It’s a known bug, I have the same issue on PS4 on the Sgail map and others have reported it on Hawkes Bay. It hasn’t been fixed yet it seems.

I knew that’s a known bug, but i had doubts about that because i count the locations that i’ve already discovered in the map view and they are 38, so i thought that maybe the last one was hidden. If i could find at least a picture of the map with all locations… but i can’t.

Hey i found all paris discover it the light rig

Im experiencing the same problem on ps4 platform of 38/39 locations found in paris, but undiscovered location isnt showing up on map

I’m at 37 of 39, it’s the only thing standing between me and 100% overall completion.

I personally started the level on casual, just to go through everywhere.

it’s a head scratcher